Name Class Rarity Useful? Notes


Shotgun Special Recommended

She has good stats. Like... seriously, some of the best raw stats on an SG. Since most SGs get by on stats alone instead of their skill, this gives her a nice leg up.

On top of that she has a nuke skill that... honestly doesnt usually come up, but when it does, it's pretty much the biggest nuke on a shotgun you get (2 hits for 8x vs primary, 12x area around primary). As a bonus, if the first shot kills the primary, the secondary BOOM changes targets (uses standard grenade targeting). Note that due to her ammo and reload speeds, if you want to fire the first nuke immediately, you will likely need to reload cancel her.

Extra Notes Available


Handgun Special Trophy Raifu

Imagine how bad Noel was at her lowest point in her own series. ...Now imagine its worse.

Somehow arguably less useful than P7 who has similar tiles, and her skill is kind of awful. She's a perfect storm of not being particularly good at any 1 thing while also not being really acceptable at any of them. Also she jumps forward during her skill.

This can have unexpectedly bad effects on enemy positioning sometimes, including units... uh.. simply walking past her, to the map edge, which makes you lose. There are arguably some scenarios where she's useful, but those are... niche to the extreme and honestly if you're one of the people who CAN pull those off, you dont need me to explain anything to you.

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