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Stats given are for 5 red star HOCs at level 100. For stats at lower rarities/levels and general information, check the overview.

2B14 Podnos #

2B14 Podnos

When you call for fire support in an infantry section, the Mortar is your best friend. There may be heavier assets around, but even light infantry formations will probably have their own mortars organic to a unit. So too here. A properly raised 2B14 will utterly smash through any clustered enemy ranks and shred unarmored enemies completely and utterly. Pretty much "Airstrike, but better."

The downside is they suck at building destruction and are all but worthless against shields. Further, Mortars have awful armour pen (see HOC-FST page), making them less than ideal vs Hydras and the like. Still, generally regarded as the most useful HOC unless you actually need to break a force shield or a building, as you will generally be shooting at basic infantry types a whole lot still.

Regular attack

Shell impact for 1x Damage and Shield Pierce to all enemies within 2 units of impact zone.


Lethality 152 Pierce 58 Precision 135
Reload 160 Firing Range 3 tiles Armour Piercing40
Ammo cost600 Ration cost400


2B14 Podnos grid when maxed out
Skill #1
NameBattlefield Bombardment
EffectLaunch a special shell that deals increased damage vs all targets every few seconds. Launches 1 at the start of the fight as well.
The big skill that lets 2B14 do her job. The major thing about this skill is it doesnt replace the shell, but rather fires an extra one on top of her normal firing cycle. As a result, the opening bombardment this team provides will generally do a huge amount of damage, as both this bad boy + the regular opening volley all impact in the first few seconds. Increase levels for more boom.
Skill #2
NameLesson in Pain
EffectDeals Bonus damage vs targets without a Force Shield
This skill doesn't actually work the way you think it does. Rather than making the shell check if you have a shield and provide a bonus, what it actually does is "anything without a shield takes a 2nd instance of damage equal to a % (based on level) of the unit's firepower" Not nearly as high priority as the first skill.
Skill #3
NameObscuring Veil
EffectChance to decrease Acc and Damage of enemies hit by mortar attacks.
Kind of really more an extra that got tacked on rather than what you'd mainly use it for, and it isn't great until you've invested some levels into it. Still, you're hitting someone with a chance to inflict debuffs at a similar level to some debuff HGs (12% Damage and Acc reduction at lvl10) basically for free, since you're ALSO killing them. Work on it if you're done with the 1st skill and want some bonuses for your 2B14.

AGS-30 #


The sort of middle of the road starter with damage and piercing between the Mortar and TOW teams. Unfortunately not nearly as good as either at their roles, due to the damage being split evenly across the 3 grenades.

It tries to make up for it with extremely rapid fire in comparison, and the 3-shot burst looks REALLY cool, making it seem like a continuous stream of grenades. However, it lacks in sheer burst damage, which is unfortunately what you probably want your HOC for.

While it can deal with minor shields, most of those are easy to shoot through anyway, while they don't perform amazingly against heavier ones. To make things worse, FST attacks focus on the CURRENT HIGHEST ENEMY SHIELD, this means multiple heavy shields absolutely fuck them over, spreading the damage around but not really breaking any. It's a better than nothing solution, rather than a great one.

What it does excel at however, is smashing buildings. ATW teams have way more power to smash those, but AGLs have a range of 3, meaning you don't have to move as much (saving AP for your combat teams) and can be placed further back, closer to helipads for easy reload.

Also, the tetris tiles actually allow you to cap out ALL 4 stats, rather than just 3.

Unlike the other FSTs, all 3 members are named by the artist.

Regular attack

Fire a 3-shot spread that does 1/3rd Damage/Pierce per grenade.


Lethality 78 Pierce 144 Precision 198
Reload 386 Firing Range 3 tiles Armour Piercing80
Ammo cost400 Ration cost600


AGS-30 grid when maxed out
Skill #1
NameSuper Grenade
EffectEvery 4th Volley deals an increased amount of normal (not shield break) damage.
Actually scales very slowly, with every level only increasing damage by 6%. While it adds up, AGL also does not have great FP to begin with, and the fact the damage is split between the 3 grenades means you probably wont notice it until higher levels.
Skill #2
NameExperience Highlight
EffectIncrease Precision by a percentage that increases with skill level.
If you only want the shield break, this doesn't matter at all as shield break damage is unaffected by accuracy (it always hits). If you're after the regular damage, eh, maybe.
Skill #3
NameAP Concussion
EffectAttacks have a 40% chance to inflict a shieldbreak DoT for a % of AGS-30's pierce stat for 6 seconds.
This is what makes her actually useful at all for shield break right now, except it's fairly unreliable and you usually want shields to be gone yesterday rather than "across a period of several seconds", and that's if it even lands. The good news however, is the chance is calculated per grenade, which means a 3-shot volley, if it all lands close to each other, has a 78.4% chance to inflict the debuff. That's all the good news you're going to get, since it's still less than what a TOW missile will do. If your TOW is busy elsewhere though, this makes them somewhat viable in a pinch at higher levels. It's still pretty unreliable though.

AT-4 #


A bit more of a generalist than TOW, with worse breaking power but more useful vs generic enemies, packing a number of useful side effects. The enemies she is ideal against have of course, not been implemented yet, so right now her main use is "I need another ATW somewhere for shield break."

Save TOW for the big boys who absolutely need shields caved in ASAP, and AT4 for less demanding threats or when you want some side utility.

Regular attack

Rocket hits for 1.5x damage and 1x piercing on target, and 0.5x damage and 1x piercing in a small radius around the target. The damage is affected by accuracy, but the shieldbreak effect is not.


Lethality 113 Pierce 261 Precision 284
Reload 134 Firing Range 2 tiles Armour Piercing400
Ammo cost500 Ration cost500


AT-4 grid when maxed out
Skill #1
NameImpact Sputter
EffectEvery Rocket has a chance (50% at lvl1, 100% at lvl10) to inflict extra damage (+100% at lvl1, +200% at lvl10) to enemies within a 2.5 radius if the attack was directed at a target with a Distortion Barrier.
It's actually a not insignificant damage boost, but only works if you have enemies with shielding in the way, As soon as the shields go down, you lose it. This seems kind of useless for now, but there are later enemies with REGENERATING shields, and this makes AT4 quite powerful against them.
Skill #2
NameBlinding Flash
EffectEnemies in the blast range of AT4's rockets receive an accuracy debuff (10% at lvl1, 20% at lvl10) that lasts for several seconds (4 at lvl1, 6 at lvl10). Does not stack.
The Acc reduction lands regardless of whether or not the enemy is actually damaged, as long as theyre in the area of effect of AT4's rockets. It can help improve your overall stability vs certain enemies, but the main enemies you're liable to use AT4 on actually have auto-hit attacks (Doppelsoldner missiles, Rodolero lasers etc.). That said, it gives her some utility vs non-shielded enemies.
Skill #3
NameViolent Burn
EffectRocket Impacts leave a patch of burning flame for several seconds (3 at lvl1, 5 at lvl10) inflicting a percentage (10% at lvl1, 20% at lvl10) of AT4's lethality stat in burn damage every 0.5s
This actually deals more than you might expect, as a fully completed AT4 has 436 lethality stat, which thus hits for 87 damage a tick every half second. As a molotov type effect, it also does it per link. There's also certain enemies down the line that rely on mass respawning swarms of low individual HP enemies, and AT4 rocks them, but vs the typical enemies you use her against, it wont matter much. As with skill 2, this is mainly a side utility thing.

BGM-71 TOW #


You get her for free at 1 star by existing and clearing Ch8 normal (which you need for HOCs anyway) and then trying the whole HOC room thing. She's your bread and butter HOC for general work, because this team kills the bajeezus out of shields with her immensely high shield pierce. Because shield pierce is also used for damaging buildings, they can also smash map buildings with extreme ease.

However, their ability to actually kill units (rather than shieldbreak them) is fairly meh, but that's generally not the big thing you want HOCs for most of the time anyway. If you only have the resources to raise 1 HOC, this is the one you want.

Regular attack

Rocket hits for 1.5x damage and 1x piercing on target, and 0.5x damage and 1x piercing in a small radius around the target. The damage is affected by accuracy, but the shieldbreak effect is not.


Lethality 155 Pierce 402 Precision 349
Reload 83 Firing Range 1-2 tiles Armour Piercing400
Ammo cost500 Ration cost500


BGM-71 TOW grid when maxed out
Skill #1
NameCharged Missile
EffectThe first missile, and every 2 missiles after that, is enhanced to deal extra damage and shield pierce.
Given that the primary job of this HOC is busting through shields, prioritise this. This really is pretty basic. Because it works from the first shot, it's helpful even if you only need to fire once.
Skill #2
NameReload Procedure
EffectStacking reload speed increase every shot. The boost is multiplicative.
It doesn't seem like much, but the TOW is so slow compared to other HOCs that this makes a world of difference if you're engaging multiple targets. The skill itself is simple and self-explanatory.
Skill #3
NameThrill of the Hunt
EffectStacking damage increase with every successive shot on a target.
Not as useful as it seems, because it does NOT affect the ability of the unit to bust through shields. More annoyingly, even with the 2nd skill, her RoF is pretty slow still, and FST mechanics prioritise the highest shield, so it'll only really get use on bosses and targets with super high HP. Work on this after you've gotten others.

United States 60mm Mortar, M2 #

United States 60mm Mortar, M2

Not to be confused with the M2 Bradley, M2 Browning, M2 Light Tank, M2 Medium Tank, M2 Carbine, M2 half-track, or… yeah, the US equipment naming scheme kinda sucks, which is fitting.

M2 is for most purposes a slightly worse 2B14 (lacking her huge opening burst) – but that still makes her the second best HOC to use against unshielded enemies. This comes up e.g. in future theatres, where one shield breaker is generally sufficient and unshielded formations your bigger worry, making an ATW/MTR/MTR loadout attractive.

Additionally, her targeting prioritizes the back row, which comes up occasionally as well to prune backrows when other means aren't available (PL ranking e.g.).

And despite how wonky her grid looks, she can be fully maxed out.

Regular attack

Launch a mortar to deal 1x lethality and pierce to enemies with a radius of 2.


Lethality 154 Pierce 63 Precision 147
Reload 225 Firing Range 3 tiles Armour Piercing40
Ammo cost600 Ration cost400


United States 60mm Mortar, M2 grid when maxed out
Skill #1
NameCurved Lightning Strike
EffectFire an addtional mortar after every 2 normal attacks to deal an extra 0.6-1.2x lethality to enemies within a radius of 2.
Doesn't fire at the start of battle, unlike 2B14 and as has a much lower AoE range, but with sufficient reload buffs it has a much faster cycle rate (6s vs. 10s), helping M2's sustained DPS somewhat. Since you need all the lethality you can get, obviously high priority to raise, and arguably the only skill worth bothering with on M2.
Skill #2
NameFatal Interference
EffectPlace a stack on a random ally that increases their accuracy and evasion by 10% for 5 seconds for each group of enemies within the explosion range of this unit's attacks. Max 3 stacks per ally.
On the upside, it always triggers and works on the first hit, on the downside, its targeting is random and it's only a minor buff to a stat that may or or may not even be relevant to the unit in question. Not a priority.
Skill #3
NameLoad Inertia
Effect+10% Precision after every attack for 8 seconds, max 3 stacks.
With how wonky precision works (not affected by night penalty, 40% minimum hit rate for lethality, 100% hit rate for shield pierce, etc), you will struggle to find a situation where it matters, as you'll only see even a theoretical difference with enemies that have 50+ evasion… and even then the buff is small and usually not worth the investment.
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