Glasses optional

Stats given are for 5 red star HOCs at level 100. For stats at lower rarities/levels and general information, check the overview.

BGM-71 TOW #


You get her for free at 1 star by existing and clearing Ch8 normal (which you need for HOCs anyway) and then trying the whole HOC room thing. She's your bread and butter HOC for general work, because this team kills the bajeezus out of shields with her immensely high shield pierce. Because shield pierce is also used for damaging buildings, they can also smash map buildings with extreme ease.

However, their ability to actually kill units (rather than shieldbreak them) is fairly meh, but that's generally not the big thing you want HOCs for most of the time anyway. If you only have the resources to raise 1 HOC, this is the one you want.

Regular attack

Rocket hits for 1.5x damage and 0.5x piercing on target, and 0.5x damage and 1x piercing in a small radius around the target. The damage is affected by accuracy, but the shieldbreak effect is not.


Lethality 155 Pierce 402 Precision 349
Reload 83 Firing Range 1-2 tiles Armour Piercing400
Ammo cost500 Ration cost500


BGM-71 TOW grid when maxed out
Skill #1
NameCharged Missile
EffectThe first missile, and every 2 missiles after that, is enhanced to deal extra damage and shield pierce.
Given that the primary job of this HOC is busting through shields, prioritise this. This really is pretty basic. Because it works from the first shot, it's helpful even if you only need to fire once.
Skill #2
NameReload Procedure
EffectStacking reload speed increase every shot. The boost is multiplicative.
It doesn't seem like much, but the TOW is so slow compared to other HOCs that this makes a world of difference if you're engaging multiple targets. The skill itself is simple and self-explanatory.
Skill #3
NameThrill of the Hunt
EffectStacking damage increase with every successive shot on a target.
Not as useful as it seems, because it does NOT affect the ability of the unit to bust through shields. Work on this after you've gotten others.
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