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Stats given are for 5 star fairies at level 100. For stats at lower rarities/levels and general information, check the overview.

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Airstrike Fairy #

Airstrike Fairy

Sadly, no BRRT, but still 1 of the most flexible fairies for both general use and the skill. 500 damage at lvl10 is enough to flatten most mooks and help wave clear, and it hits every single enemy that exists in the field at the time of impact. Better still, it arrives in a USEFUL AMOUNT OF TIME (3 seconds in). You can actually farm dinergate and tarantula-only type echelons with JUST the airstrike and also used to mook clear for some bosses. Good stats in general as well, with a useful FP boost and a nice extra to Acc and Evade.

Firepower 30% Accuracy 50%
Evasion 40% Armour 10%
Crit damage0% Fairy Type Combat
Build Timer 3:40

Fatal Airstrike

After 3 seconds, a bomb hits the field dealing damage to all enemies.

skill_icon CP Consumption3Cooldown-

Damage increases with skill level. 80 at lvl1, 500 at lvl10

Anna Graem #

Anna Graem

This time, maybe things will end on a happier note. She's pretty happy I'd say. She's a fairy that drives you insane with how subtely wrong she is because she wears jeans under her skirt.

Statwise, she's pretty much a warrior fairy with less Acc and more Evade. She does however, have a cool multipart skill that checks your formation at the start of the fight, and doles out buffs and debuffs accordingly. The frontmost rank has -FP and +Eva, while everyone else gets +FP and -Eva.

Which is determined as the front is... well, its the one in front and is dynamically scanned at the very start of the fight. So, if you have a doll on 6 and the rest are behind, then only the doll on 6 gets +Eva and everyone else gets +FP (and the debuff that goes accordingly). In a normal ARSMG F formation for example, then the 2 dolls on 8 and 5 are given + evade, and the rear ranks have +FP. And finally if you have only 1 rank of dolls, they're the front by default. So showing up with 3 dolls on 7/4/1 = there's nothing ahead, noone gets FP buffs, they get +Eva.

Either way, a good statstick, has a cool skill, and you get it at 3 star for free. Also she gets happier as you increase her star rating. You know what to do.

Firepower 25% Accuracy 30%
Evasion 65% Armour 8%
Crit damage0% Fairy Type Combat
Build Timer -

Nano Ghost

For the first 20 seconds, increase evade and decrease firepower of Dolls on the front most column. Other dolls instead have decreased evade and increased firepower.

skill_icon CP Consumption1Cooldown0

Evade is adjusted by 10% (30 at lvl10) and Firepower by 10% (20 at lvl10).

Armor Fairy #

Armor Fairy

Useful primarily for MG/Shotgun formations, for obvious reasons. Usually you will want a more offensive oriented fairy, but this provides the most raw armour boost when called for, and later enemies will absolutely make you want one. Not a huge priority, but she's also common and thus easy to raise to 5 stars compared to some other fairies. Also she tells us that remember, No Russian. Because she doesn't understand it. Despite being a fairy working in a Russian PMC. PEERRSIIICCAAAAAAA

Firepower 22% Accuracy 0%
Evasion 0% Armour 25%
Crit damage22% Fairy Type Combat
Build Timer 3:00

Lord Camelot Riot Control

Increase Armor of Shotguns for 20 seconds from start of battle.

skill_icon CP Consumption3Cooldown-

Armor is increased by 15% at lvl1. 50% at lvl10.

Artillery Fairy #

Artillery Fairy

Hey kid... want some... FIREPOWER? At 55% Firepower boost, it is the single highest always-available boost of any fairy. No conditions, no frills, just boom. The skill is take or it leave it, providing what amounts to an AR grenade chucked into the fight (literally - it also takes 8 seconds to show up and uses grenade targeting). Its a little extra for a tough fight but not a priority - what matters are her raw, amazing stats. Evade boost is just a cherry on top. While she produces potentially less than Command and Parachute fairies for crit formations, she ALWAYS works no matter what. Highly recommend. Easily 1 of the best fairies in the game for stats alone.

Firepower 55% Accuracy 0%
Evasion 56% Armour 6%
Crit damage0% Fairy Type Combat
Build Timer 3:35

Bombard Command

After 8s, a shell lands dealing damage to enemies within a 2.5 radius of the shell impact

skill_icon CP Consumption3Cooldown-

Shell damage increases with skill level. 200 at lvl1, 1200 at lvl10.

Auspicious Fairy #

Auspicious Fairy

The skill is kind of whatever. BTW, the target node has to be visible, so it fucking sucks to use at night.

She's actually not the worst as a stat stick, with +66% Hit, +88% Avoid (the highest as of this writing), and not-awful Crit and FP. Much more usable as a stat stick than for her dumb skill, but that's how it is for a lot of fairies TBH.

Firepower 18% Accuracy 66%
Evasion 88% Armour 0%
Crit damage22% Fairy Type Strategy
Build Timer N/A


Place a peach within 2 nodes. This peach lasts for 2 turns and can be eaten (stepped on) by friendly units or enemies. If an enemy eats it, their FP is reduced. If a friendly unit steps on it, their movement speed in the next battle is increased.

skill_icon CP Consumption1Cooldown3

The FP decrease, MS increase, and duration all scale to skill level. FP starts at 12% reduction. MS increase starts at 3. Duration starts at 5 seconds.

At max, the duration for both effects are 10 seconds. The FP decrease goes to 30% and the MS increase goes up to 6.

Barrier Fairy #

Barrier Fairy

She's uh... super disappointing. You'd think she'd be nice since it gives any armored doll (which btw, includes M16A1 and M4A1 Mod with their unique gears) a shield ala SAT8, but the shield power is based on the armour stat of the doll, and unlike SAT8, the shield cannot be put up again for the battle, thus meaning you're on 1 set of shields the entire time. If the fight was minor enough that a single set of shields would suffice, then it wasnt a big threat anyway.

Even worse, unlike the armour fairy, it does NOT have any offensive stat boost whatsoever, meaning it's both a DPS loss AND you dont significantly improve your defences meaningfully. Basically, she's pretty awful.

Firepower 0% Accuracy 72%
Evasion 32% Armour 22%
Crit damage0% Fairy Type Combat
Build Timer 4:15

Armor Fortification

Provides a shield for all armoured T-dolls proportional to their armour stat.

skill_icon CP Consumption3Cooldown0

Shield provided is equal to 60% (150% at lvl10) of the Unit's Armor stat

Beach Fairy #

Beach Fairy

Probably the best ranking fairy there is. It has amazing passive stats, being almost as good as Command Fairy. On top of that, it comes with an amazing skill.

The wave it spawns happens at the start of battle, so it's an immediate delay to enemy forces. It also debuffs their movement speed for five seconds, and we all know how good movement speed debuffs are. The utility of the wave's stalling ability is it makes certain death stack fights possible or easier, and thus it is a key skill to have.

10/10 would probably dupe this fairy.

Firepower 32% Accuracy 0%
Evasion 40% Armour 0%
Crit damage32% Fairy Type Combat
Build Timer -

Slothful Tide

At the start of battle, summons a wave to push back all enemies, debuffing their movement speed as well as their rate of fire.

skill_icon CP Consumption1Cooldown0

Skill level increases the rate of fire and movement speed debuff effect. Starts at 10% for both at SL1 and at SL10 - it's a 25% debuff to both.

Combo Fairy #

Combo Fairy

A fully offensive oriented fairy with no defensive stats. It's great, but unfortunately suffers from being the fairy that absolutely needs the most work to achieve full potential. Potentially the strongest fairy bonus-wise, IF you invest in it. You need to REALLY invest to get the most out of it, but the firepower boost is simply nuts once you get it going. Super powerful for turns where you need an echelon to do most of the fighting for a turn and can afford to move around and maybe resupply (such as in ranking). If you don't invest in it, then eh, it's alright, but won't really set any records.

The real problem here is she comes from the same expensive fairy recipe that banes people who want construction fairies (or the very expensive recipe for a chance at both her and parachute), which means maxing her out isn't cheap.

Firepower 30% Accuracy 85%
Evasion 0% Armour 0%
Crit damage15% Fairy Type Strategy
Build Timer 5:15

Secret of Continuation

On Battle start, boosts Firepower and Accuracy for 20s per battle this echelon has participated in since the skill has been activated for this turn. Stacks (multiplicatively) up to 3 times.

skill_icon CP Consumption2Cooldown2

Firepower boost is 5% (15% at lvl10) and Accuracy Boost is 10% (30% at lvl10) per stack, for a total of 52.1% Firepower and 119.7% Accuracy at max bonus at max skill level.

Command Fairy #

Command Fairy

You get her for free, and her stats are awesome. Now that she's a battle type, her skill is a little usable. Its at least cheap, though not exactly stuff to write home about.

Regardless, top notch stats. Overall 1 of the highest damage boosts for day battles, but MUCH cheaper than Airborne Fairy for that.

Firepower 36% Accuracy 0%
Evasion 32% Armour 8%
Crit damage36% Fairy Type Combat
Build Timer 5:00

Super EXP

Increase XP gained by the Echelon

skill_icon CP Consumption1Cooldown1

Increase is 5% at lvl1, 25% at lvl10

Construction Fairy #

Construction Fairy

A fairy niche fairy. For the most part you don't want to be tied down to 1 spot, but it's useful for powering up forces for a clash to defend your lines for supply operation missions or guarding a specific spot for some reason. Also can power up a weak secondary echelon so it can defend, and let your main force do its thing elsewhere.

Its main advantage is unlike the normal fairy skills that boost stats, this works for the entire duration of the fight, however long it drags on. Not a priority, but it has uses here and there.

Firepower 15% Accuracy 50%
Evasion 40% Armour 10%
Crit damage20% Fairy Type Strategy
Build Timer 5:40

Emergency Fortress

Build a fortress on current location. Allies gain bonuses when fighting on this space. Fort lasts 3 turns.

skill_icon CP Consumption5Cooldown3

Fortification increase friendly Fiepower/Hit/CritRate/Evade/Armor by 10% at lvl1, 30% at lvl10

Cooking Fairy #

Cooking Fairy

Actually really REALLY awful. Seriously.

There is something to be said about a fairy whose cooking is so awful there is a nonzero chance your dolls are sickened enough to get debuffs. WHY DO WE LET FAIRIES LIKE THIS WORK IN OUR BASE!?

All it has going for it is the evade boost, but there's other, better fairies for that. The skill is inconsistent and thus not incredibly useful. You can try to keep on rerolling for the buff you want, but it's not particularly worth it, especially pre-lvl9 when you might literally be eating debuffs.

There are really better fairies to be investing in.

Firepower 10% Accuracy 20%
Evasion 80% Armour 20%
Crit damage10% Fairy Type Combat
Build Timer N/A

Chow Time

Random chance between 1 of several buffs OR a firepower debuff.

skill_icon CP Consumption1Cooldown-

Either Firepower or RoF are increased by 8% (20% at level 10) or Acc is increased by 12% (30% at 20) or Evasion is increased by 10% (25% at lvl10), or Firepower is decreased by 15% (5% at level 8). At lvl9 and above, the debuff chance is removed.

Defense Fairy #

Defense Fairy

A kind of mostly eh fairy that serves as a warning to those who refuse to ever go outdoors and interact with people. Her skill is applied at the very end of the damage received, AFTER armor is applied, making it a lot less useful than it seems. Not a priority.

Firepower 22% Accuracy 0%
Evasion 80% Armour 20%
Crit damage0% Fairy Type Strategy
Build Timer 4:10

Temporary Protection

Reduce all damage recieved by the echelon by  % for 20 seconds from start of battle

skill_icon CP Consumption5Cooldown-

Damage is reduced by 10% at lvl1, and 30% at lvl10

Fireworks Fairy #

Fireworks Fairy

Enemies with evade at night giving you trouble? Do you require unethical amounts of accuracy for some godforsaken reason? Then this is the fairy for you. It has a fairly decent damage stat with a fairly high amount of accuracy to go with it. However, its skill tacks on an additional accuracy multiplier on top of that to give you EVEN MORE ACCURACY.

Yes, you could use an Illumination Fairy for a similar effect with more utility, but sometimes that's just not possible in ranking maps. It's niche as fuck, but it's certainly an option if you absolutely need it. You're still better off with other fairies, though.

The real meme usage is using it for theatre to give you a small score boost in some boss stages. But if you're using this fairy for that, I doubt you'd need to look at this website.

Firepower 32% Accuracy 75%
Evasion 32% Armour 8%
Crit damage0% Fairy Type Combat
Build Timer N/A

Summer-End Fireworks

Fireworks! And an accuracy buff for ten seconds.

skill_icon CP Consumption3Cooldown-

Increases echelon accuracy by 35% (80% at lv 10) for ten seconds

Fury Fairy #

Fury Fairy

A FAIRY OF RIGHTEOUS FURY AND HATE. A more Crit Oriented version of Warrior Fairy. Good for units with optics but not QUITE at 100% Crit Rate yet though, with neither using their skill, produces better results than the Warrior fairy most of the time. Does not have the acc boost compared to warrior, and the crit rate boost is only good if you're using some Jill memes to boost damage. Note that the skill is awful on most AR teams at night, since most ARs will have PEQs instead of optics. Also an AHNULD reference.

Firepower 15% Accuracy 0%
Evasion 40% Armour 10%
Crit damage40% Fairy Type Combat
Build Timer 4:35

Power Overwhelming

Boost echelon Crit Rate and Acc for 20 seconds from start of battle.

skill_icon CP Consumption1Cooldown-

Acc is increased by 10% at lvl1 and 50% at lvl 10

Crit Rate is increased by 10% at lvl1 and 25% at lvl10

Golden Fairy #

Golden Fairy

A good statstick that, if you get it, requires only 55 other random fairies to max instead of over 200. Or only 35 if you rank high enough. On the other hand, you can only feed it other fairies because you cant make more than what you win.

It is VERY good in terms of statstick though, literally 1 of the best. The skill is Completely useless in combat because it doesnt do anything completely fucking awesome because it makes you glow gold.

...What, combat benefits of the skill? Who needs that?

Firepower 20% Accuracy 62%
Evasion 50% Armour 12%
Crit damage25% Fairy Type Combat
Build Timer -

Golden Law

A revelation of destiny fills you with determination!

skill_icon CP Consumption0Cooldown0

You become...GOLDEN! It doesn't do anything aside from making your T-Dolls shine.

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