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Guide Index and Overview

Author: Chiaki Matsuda

Getting Started and FAQs#

Factory / Production#

Formation / Building Echelons#


Levelling and Progression#

In-Depth Mechanics#

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Minor and Recurring Events#

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Getting Started

Author: Katyusha



Ferret Facts

Author: Sangvis Ferrets

Random autism trivia pieces that the ferret managed to scavenge cus ferrets love finding useless shiny junk.


Isomer Overview

Author: Chiaki Matsuda

Good news! There's an easy mode now! Bad news! EX mode is tougher than ever!


Isomer Prep

Author: Kazuki

Hey. Hey, wake up. It's time. Isomer's here, and knock knock, it's also time for the game's difficulty to actually start going up a fair bit. Well, in the case of EX (hard mode), anyway. Thankfully, they learned from CT that maybe ramping the difficulty up a lot causes people to not clear events. For Isomer, they decided to make a higher difficulty that gives players extra rewards, while having a normal difficulty for less masochistic players who would just like to see the story without too much effort. Doesn't mean it'll roll over and die, it's not journalist mode. So, let's cover the new stuff featured in Isomer!


Chapter 9 Night

Author: Kazuki

I hope you like using your brain, 'cause the night missions in chapter 9 will make you use it. This is content from Post-Isomer, and it really shows with the enemy compositions as well as the map objectives. 


Summer Event Overview

Author: Kazuki

Miyako's Mengxin Manual for Murdering Machines Methodically to Merit Many Medals

Author: Miyako

...Sorry for the abundant alliteration. Here you can find a directory of the guides I wrote for S ranking the maps in Chapter 11. The quality might be worse than you're used to, because I was too lazy to stitch together pictures of the actual game for every turn, so I drew it instead. If that isn't good enough, there's also a video for each one at the bottom. Anyway, here they are:


Rifles And You (Revisited)

Author: Chiaki Matsuda

Rifle+Handgun (RFHG) echelons are mainly used to fight armoured enemies, especially at night. Additionally, they can deal with backline-heavy enemy formations much better than ARSMG echelons, thanks to their innate backline targeting. 


White Day Overview

Author: Kazuki
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