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Name Class Rarity Useful? Notes

NTW-20 Mod

NTW-20 Mod
Rifle ★★★★★★ Very Weird Removal Specialist

The very first 6 star on EN! And she's... buggy as fuck actually and with more weird shit going on than the UNS secret weapons programs. For example the way she misses her first firing cycle is a patchwork for a different bug and basically it's awkward to use her for a lot of meme things.

Boasting really high FP and multipliers though (especially with her unique equipment and ability to hit 200 affection if oathed), she got converted from a straight boss killer to a very weird assassin that removes certain enemies from the field. Her second skill makes her preferentially target units she can destroy, which makes her actually pretty handy for quick removal. Moreover, if she DOES actually kill it, she gets buffs for the next shot which... unfortunately can miss, which makes her less useful at night for this.

She's not particularly useful right now, but if you have specific needs for that sort of thing, she can work. She is however, a very expensive investment, so make sure it's what you actually want.

DSR-Precision DSR-50

DSR-Precision DSR-50
Rifle ★★★★★ Niche uses

AKA… I'm sure you can come up with a few backronyms for DSR, given her artwork.

She's a big bamboo with decent stats (higher firepower than M99, lower than NTW-20), but a variable multiplier on her skill damage. 6x (at full charges) against unarmoured enemies is extremely unattractive – Mosin with her chip manages the same damage output, with much lower cooldown –, but 10x (again, assuming full charge) against armoured enemies is very attractive on paper, since a lot of bosses you want to smack with bamboos are armoured.

…except, of course, MICA does it weirdly: DSR's skill doesn't look at the armour stat, but at a separate, hidden "has armour" tag that some armoured enemies do not have set, and the way tags work in the game means it can be buggy whether it works or not, further making her less useful. Additionally, bamboo Rifles got a rework that makes them a pain in the ass to use at full power in exchange for being technically more flexible.

If you know what you're doing, you can delete an enemy target in short order. If you don't... you might be better off doing some research before deciding if this is the doll for you.

Additionally, bamboo Rifles got a rework that makes them a pain in the ass to use at full power in exchange for being technically more flexible. This however did fairly little to keep them relevant.


Rifle ★★★ Trophy Raifu

A big bamboo with stats even worse than PTRD, and a pathetic damage multiplier. If better bamboos are relegated to extreme niches/irrelevancy what hope did she have?


Rifle ★★★★ Niche uses

Probably the easiest among the bamboo spear units to get. Not actually as good as the others, while having the same disadvantages. Her special equipment is basically a Camo Cloak but with +1 RoF. Shame bamboo rifles are pretty irrelevant since MICA said stop one shotting our bosses. Oh well.

Zijiang M99

Zijiang M99
Rifle ★★★★★ Niche uses

See NTW-20's entry, but with somewhat lower ATK. Also a loli and will call the police on you.


Rifle ★★★★★ Niche uses

Premod, TAC-50 does her job but better. So if you're hurting on 6* mod material cause of all your Calico mods, ignore her until you can afford that. After mod...well look at her mod article.

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