Glasses optional
Name Class Rarity Useful? Notes

Colt Single Action Army Mod

Colt Single Action Army Mod
Handgun ★★★★★ You're pretty good! *fingergun*

"Yay, we can all clear singularity now!" Oh wait... :V Fucking Ceia, I swear...

Yeah, she's a little over-hyped, but she's actually a fairly solid unit. A stacking buff every few seconds? Not bad at all. This allows her to buff firepower, accuracy and rate of fire all at once. Her main issue is it takes a few seconds for her skills to REALLY kick in, but she's great for the longer fights that start creeping up here and there, and for things like backing up M4 in her railgun mode. Not super necessary compared to before now that we have lots of buffing HGs, but she's handy for things like ranking maps.

Another fun thing about this mod you might not know is that the passive 2nd skill automatically activates on a cooldown that you can't see, so rifle tile buffs (which speed up handgun cooldowns) make this activate faster.

Her Mod 3 equipment is kinda pointless for her role, though, so unless you like the art or have bad OCD, she's fine at Mod 2.

Heckler & Koch HK45

Heckler & Koch HK45
Handgun ★★★ Niche uses

Her damage buff is respectable for a 3* handgun, her tile layout… not so much. The X layout will typically make her excel in a 2SG2MG1HG setup. That setup is very niche and won't come up often. Outside of that, her buff tiles force her into a forward position as main or off tank. She's absolutely not suited for this with her poor HP and evade, and her buffs aren't good enough to really justify it mostly. If youre running and RF HG, you want Calico there usually.

Heckler & Koch USP Compact

Heckler & Koch USP Compact
Handgun ★★ Niche uses

A 2 star RoF buffer, but nowhere as good as PPK. Her skill is a version of flare that works in daylight, effectively making the flare guns even MORE useless than they already were.

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