Name Class Rarity Useful? Notes

McMillan TAC-50

McMillan TAC-50
Rifle ★★★★★ Niche uses

Welp this is it. The big mamma of all bamboo rifles. I was trying very hard to make a Canadian joke except she beat me to the punch on all of them. She is OFFENSIVELY Canadian (despite being a US product, the rifle is more famous for Canadian use).

As far as Bamboo rifles go, she is THE big stick, delivering sweet, maple syrup flavoured death to all comers. Initial startup similar to small bamboo, but with damage equivalent to multiple big bamboo rifles combined when used properly. Don't let the lower multiplier fool you - what sets her apart is the fact she can crit. This is massive, as it opens up extra layers of multipliers simply not available to any other bamboo rifle. How much damage? Well on KR, with her full posse and a maxed out command fairy, she can spike vs 320k HP bosses, so yeah.

Unfortunately EN does not yet have all the tools to make her as bullshit as possible (such as Px4 storm or Colt Python) but it does have enough of them (Command and Parachute fairies, K5, etc.) to delete any boss currently available on EN (as of this writing.)

Another (kind of) unfortunate trait is that due to her funny timings, it is not possible to efficiently use her with other bamboo rifles, as she has different aim times from any other one (she's faster than small bamboos).

Yes bamboo is niche, but if you really cbf to "fight" a boss and would rather just skip the fact they exist, here you go.

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