Glasses optional

Name Class Rarity Useful? Notes


Handgun ★★★★★ Weirdo but useful if you need stuns

Calico and Thunder's lovechild. Also kinda slutty because French. Boasts a weird AoE attack that, amazingly, stuns stuff. The stun is better if there's multiple targets in the AoE, but worse vs. a single target. The damage isn't great (6x multiplier + not super high FP) but you mostly want the stun and the damage is a bonus.

Note that the stun's effective area is actually not as wide as a normal stun grenade because it's a narrow vertical strip rather than a normal radius. Also, it won't stun anything a regular flashbang won't already stun.

ADS (Avtomat Dvukhsredny Spetsial'ny)

ADS (Avtomat Dvukhsredny Spetsial'ny)
Assault Rifle ★★★★★ Specialist. Potentially Hilarious for Red Golyats.

Another weird Russian specialist gun, meant to fire both above and below the water, which is why the doll has weird underwater parts replacing her left leg.

Her skill is as annoying to explain as she is boring. Basically whenever she fires, she has a chance to apply debuffs (that reduce target RoF and move speed) on her target, which at 5 stacks, explodes in a grenade-like effect that deals damage and stuns the target. That's the passive. The active fires a debuff grenade that applies 3 debuff stacks (+2 for the primary target) and briefly increases her debuff proc chance to 100%.

Honestly it's really weird, but it has use for things like Golyats, which, coupled with things like shotgun knockback and some RoF buffs, can help deal with some of the more annoying enemies in the game (for certain patterns.)

Also has potential synergy with ACR kinda (though resetting debuff stacks when she triggers explosions makes it a little awkward)

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