Glasses optional

Name Class Rarity Useful? Notes

NTW-20 Mod

NTW-20 Mod
Rifle ★★★★★★ Very Weird Removal Specialist

The very first 6 star on EN! And she's... buggy as fuck actually and with more weird shit going on than the UNS secret weapons programs. For example the way she misses her first firing cycle is a patchwork for a different bug and basically it's awkward to use her for a lot of meme things.

Boasting really high FP and multipliers though (especially with her unique equipment and ability to hit 200 affection if oathed), she got converted from a straight boss killer to a very weird assassin that removes certain enemies from the field. Her second skill makes her preferentially target units she can destroy, which makes her actually pretty handy for quick removal. Moreover, if she DOES actually kill it, she gets buffs for the next shot which... unfortunately can miss, which makes her less useful at night for this.

She's not particularly useful right now, but if you have specific needs for that sort of thing, she can work. She is however, a very expensive investment, so make sure it's what you actually want.

Panzerbüchse 39

Panzerbüchse 39
Rifle ★★★★ Probably the worst rifle in the game

Aka PzB39

Has the same useless skill as JS05, with nothing to save her from being just as useless. Bring 2* rifles if you're running out of good ones, they're still better than her.

With the new changes to RF skills she... uhm... managed to be even shittier, easily earning the "Worst RF in the game" award with how her shot literally does less than a normal shot at base power (at skill lvl10!) and also having an aiming time of slower than her natural RoF.


Rifle ★★★★★ Trophy Raifu

She was part of the group of 5 stars, where they tried out new things to see if they would work. Unfortunately, the wonkiness of how she worked and not playing into how battles played out, AT ALL made her shittier than even the mediocre 3 star RFs. RIP wasted design.

With the revision, it's even worse now. You can literally improve her DPS by turning her skill off, due to the aim time taking longer than normal RoF while still dealing only 1x damage. ...And it still generally doesnt get to punch through stuff.

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