Glasses optional

A Person's Struggle II



Objective(s): Pick up all clutter (A) and place it on the resupply node and capture designated closed Heliport OR pick up all clutter (A) and clutter (B) and place both on the resupply node and survive 4 turns.

Recommended Echelon(s): Dummy x3


Objective 2 sucks, probably. I didn't get a chance to do both, since the maps change after clearing it once. So we're doing objective 1 for this guide. As a note, you don't need to use dummy echelons for this, but it speeds it up a bit. 

Anyway, to start things off, move M21 to the right and pick up the clutter. Move your first echelon right and end the turn. On turn two, deploy a second echelon and swap M21 back to your Command Center. Move her down to the resupply node and drop off the clutter. We now want to start moving towards the other clutter (clutter A) to grab that. The closest echelon should be on the node that we swapped M21 from. Move them to the right and end turn.

On turn three, move that echelon all the way to the clutter and pick it up. Deploy a third echelon on your Command Center and end the turn.

On turn four, move the echelon that has the clutter back to where it started and swap it all the way to the resupply node. Deposit the clutter, and that should end the map.

Video of me clearing this map



Author: Kazuki
Tags: seasonal
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