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Notes/Advice for Arctic Ranking


So, here we are. First ranking event for EN GFL. Arctic's ranking event is probably the easiest and most boring of the ranking events. The goal for these ranking events is to get a high score on the hidden map of the event. Points are gained by defeating various enemies that spawn in the map, however, you lose points for repairing or losing any units. Thus, to put it simply, to get a high rank you need to kill as much as you can without any losses or repairs. 


The image is stitched together, for the record.



Since writing a turn by turn guide for this would actually suck, since it's literally 1 hr 30 mins~2 hr 30 mins of map, here's some notes/advice from what I noticed on my first run of it.

  1. You want to use as many echelons as possible. I'd say at minimum you want 4 MG echelons for the armoured units. I personally used 8 combat echelons and a dummy. I'd say I would want 9 echelons to completely control the map. 
  2. You lose 200 pts for quick repairing. I have no idea how much you lose for retreating/losing a unit. Just don't do it, you want points.
  3. Nothing goes higher than the CE of the bosses that spawn at the start. Highest I saw was around 18k CE.
  4. Point amounts for enemies depends on the CE of the enemy you kill.
  5. Enemy spawns are completely RNG and thus, your point totals assuming you go all 20 turns is entirely RNG dependant. The ideal units you want to spawn are armoured units, since their CE tends to be the highest.
  6. Bosses don't respawn. They'll also be where the majority of the damage you take comes from. Quick repairing for these isn't the worst idea. 
  7. You'll want to spread out your units to essentially spawn kill enemies.
  8. The first few turns are going to be spent deploying every single one of those units. You can probably stagger them out a little, to not eat as much rations before you can establish resupply points. 
  9. You should play around the closed heliports that flip status every turn. Your biggest enemy, assuming you can kill everything relatively easily, will be boredom your ammo usage. 
  10. The closed heliport to the north of your HQ,
    actually spawns enemies whenever it's open. This is provided Sangvis takes it. It's a very small boost, but it's definitely helpful.
  11. The number one priority for you to maximize points is to make sure enemies don't get stuck on a heliport. If they are, they won't spawn an additional enemy at the start of the turn. Thus, make sure each enemy has a path to move. This is more important early on when you're not spawn camping the enemies. 


That's it for now, if I end up thinking of anything else while I slowly decompress from 2 hours of hell I'll add more.



Author: Kazuki
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