Glasses optional

Basic Stat Calculation

It gets brought up enough that sure why not. Basically all battlefield calculations consists of:

(((T-doll Base+Equipment)+Affection)*Fairy Stat Boost) * (1+Total of all Tile Buffs) * (1+Skill n) * Environment Factor * (1+Fairy Talents) * (1+Fairy Skills)

Skills are all have their own layer of multiplier so if 1 unit adds say +20% to a stat from its skill, then another unit adds +35% from its skill, theyre all multiplied seperately, eg. 100 + 20% = 120, + 35% = 162 total, not combining them to 155% effect.

Environmental effects currently only consist of night time penalties, but with new terrain types like Irradiated land being added to the CN server, maybe this will matter more in the future.

If you need to round off a number, the game rounds down for the most part, though some round up (like the damage formula)

To Calculate your DPS

DPS = (Normal Damage * (1 - Crit Rate) + Crit Damage * Crit Rate)* (Attacks/Sec) * HitRate * Number of Links

To get your actual RoF, then the formula is

Frames Per Attack = Round Down (1500 / RoF Stat)

This provides you with frames per attack. From there, the game runs at basically 30fps.


Attacks/Sec = 30 / Frames Per Attack

This btw doesnt account for special skills at all like grenades, which is beyond the scope of this. Also while messing with RoF to do your echelon planning, do note that most nonMG/SG dolls have an effective limit of 116 (120 is the actual cap but 116 is the last point where it does anything). Likewise, SGs are limited to 60 max, but their last breakpoint is at 50. MGs do their own thing (11fr per attack for some like the big 4, 10fr for the others). Also note some dolls dont care and their skills set it to an arbitrary number (like AUG and SAR-21 gives them 10fr/attack).

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