Glasses optional

Buried Deception II



Objective: Capture designated Radar Tower


So, for this map, all we have to control is CAWS. She IMMEDIATELY dies if you try and engage any of the enemies, so don't even try to. I have noted that there can be some variance in the map due to RNG, but the overall strategy is the same. You just need to to chill if enemies aren't allowing you to move to the Radar Tower.

The idea for the map is that we want to be able have enough AP to move past all of the enemies in one turn. They're going to default to guarding the path to the Radar Tower, so we need to bait them away before moving through.

To start things off, we want to grab the two closed Heliports below where CAWS starts. Move down one node, then one to the right so we can surround capture both Heliports.

Next, we want to go to the closed Heliports at the top of the map. Move back to where CAWS started, being sure to avoid the enemies, and head to the clutter. Pick up the clutter, then move to the closed Heliport to the right.

On turn three, we want to surround capture the last two Heliports here. Move up one node, then go to the left. End the turn there.

Now we can try and position ourselves to get to the Radar Tower. There is a little bit of RNG here, as P7 can either move to the right or up. Either way, we should have enough AP to get to the area on the map where CAWS started. You can stand on the closed Heliport that we took on turn one to prompt the enemies to move. They can move in unfavorable ways; if they do, back off and let them reset. If you follow the video, I do think it should be consistent, but who the fuck knows? 

Anyways, when there's a clear pathway to the Radar Tower, take it. You should have enough AP to make it to the closed Heliports near the Radar Tower in one turn. Take the Radar Tower to end the map.

Video of me clearing this map



Author: Kazuki
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