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Chapter 11-2 S Rank Guide

PLEASE NOTE: The map position of the enemies will not be accurate, it is just there to show you where to move! If you need more visual aid, check the video for each clear which follows the same steps.


Requirements: ARSMG echelon (2), ARSMG or RFHG echelon (1), dummy echelon (3)

Key to letters I may use in the images: AR = ARSMG echelon (yours), RF = RFHG echelon (yours), D = Dummy echelon (yours), F = Friend echelon


This clear has some RNG so as to avoid using fairy skills or fighting the red beans for a higher level of accessibility. The third combat echelon can be whatever as long as it can kill some dinergates and the zombies. I used a rifle echelon just to show it works, but you can pretty much use whatever as long as it's decent, as it won't be fighting much anyway.


Turn 1

Turn 2

Turn 3

This is the turn where you can potentially fail due to random enemy movements.

If the bottom two spaces to the right of the beans are blocked, you will have to restart, since they won't go down the one-way path, and then later on they will move left and ruin the supply line if this happens. Unfortunate, but there's not much that can be done to avoid it without fairies or fighting the beans. Once you pass this part, rest should be free of any random stuff that can ruin the run, since if the beans move as they should, they can't physically get to the supply line in time to disrupt it before you're done.

Turn 4

Turn 5

Turn 6

You just hit end turn here, unless a bean is about to move onto your AR echelon, but it shouldn't be able to at this point. Supply line is complete, so not much to do other than end turn and complete the map.


Video of this clear


Author: Miyako
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