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Chapter 11-3 Emergency S Rank Guide

PLEASE NOTE: The map position of the enemies will not be accurate, it is just there to show you where to move! If you need more visual aid, check the video for each clear which follows the same steps.


Requirements: ARSMG echelon (1), dummy echelon (1), HOC (2)

Key to letters I may use in the images: AR = ARSMG echelon (yours), D = Dummy echelon (yours), HOC = HOC (any)


There is some RNG to the enemy placements in this map! Please refer to the video if you're stuck on where to go. If you can make it past the Uhlans on the first turn then you should in theory be able to follow a similar path to the one shown. This guide is for the Uhlan placement shown in the video specifically.


This map is pretty long and boring to be honest. As long as you have a decent ARSMG echelon, it should be pretty straightforward. There is lots of forced waiting on this map, and not much actual moving. The HOCs you deploy don't matter, they just have to exist to give you extra AP. Nothing actually moves other than your AR echelon in terms of things you control, so once they're deployed, you can just ignore them.


Turn 1

Turn 2

Turn 3

Turn 4

Turn 5

Turn 6

Video of this clear

Author: Miyako
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