Glasses optional

Cherry Blossom Snowfall II



Objective: Touch the sparkling closed Heliports, then capture designated Radar Tower


So this is "you have one battle, make it count" the map. Oh, and also, you can only pick up one bit of clutter, so don't waste that either. Notably, you can actually make enemies get stuck in clutter too. So that'll be a key part of the map as well. There's likely a few solutions to clearing this map, but I'll give you the one I figured out within two tries. Clearly the best solution. Clearly.

To start us off, we want to grab the sparkling Heliport at the top of the map. Move up there and take it. You want to sit on that Heliport for a few turns while the Dinergate that's set to alert moves to you. Once it gets entangled in the clutter, we can move down towards where we started. Don't go all the way there, since there's a patrolling Dinergate there.

Once turn five rolls around, we should be clear to move to the closed Heliport on the bottom left. Move there and end the turn. Next turn, move to the right and sit in the clutter until you're free. You'll be stuck there for a few turns and one of the Dinergates will attack you. The patrolling Dinergate above you SHOULD have priority and be the one to attack. It should also mean the alerted Dinergate will fuck off, leaving you with a clear path to the closed Heliport that has the last sparkle. Once you're free from the clutter, head to the right and take that closed Heliport. Once that's done, go up one node and pick up the clutter there. It should be a straight shot to the Radar Tower at this point; take it and the map ends.

Video of me clearing this map



Author: Kazuki
Tags: seasonal
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