Glasses optional

Chicken Breast Normal


This map makes use of the aggro mechanic quite heavily. This mechanic only comes into play on certain units, which won't always be obvious. Tapping and holding an enemy unit can show you its aggro radius, like this

Any of the nodes that are lit up are where the enemy would persue you. The logic that dictates what it'll go after can sometimes vary, but most of the time it'll boil down to what's closest to it. Also, going into an enemy's aggro radius will make a ! appear over its head to show that it has been aggro'd:

Leaving an enemy's aggro radius will likely have it return to its position prior to being aggro'd, but it can differ depending on the enemy. 

As for the map's enemy strength, it's still relatively easy. Around chapter 3 or 4 levels of strength is a good estimate for it.




Objective: Rescue and extract 2 hostages.
Recommended Echelon(s): AR/SMG, Dummy

Day again.This is another hostage rescue, but this time we're trying to get them through Red Golyats. They're blocking the node directly in front of the hostage, and you're not intended to fight them. The main way to pull off this map is to make use of the aggro radius of those red Golyats to make them persue a different echelon than the one you're using to rescue the hostage.

Before all this, you need to prep to do this. Assuming you're using a minimal amount of echelons, you'll have to clear out all of the trash for safe passage for your dummy echelon to move around. You'll also be liable to lose your Heliport on turn 2. Just be careful around the red Golyat's aggro radius while you clear out the trash.

Once you've finished that, you can now focus on the hostages. For each side, you'll have to bait away the red Golyat by using one of your echelons. There's two paths to each hostage, so pick one to have the Golyat run down and rush the hostage through the other.

Video of me clearing this map


Author: Kazuki
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