Glasses optional

Christmas Event 1-3

Objective: Capture all 3 Radar Towers
Turn Limit: 2
Recommended Echelon(s): AR/SMG (x3)


This should be a simple 2 turn affair with three echelons.

Note: this is doable with 2 echelons and a dummy, but I definitely wouldn't recommend it. There's a fair bit of RNG if you try to do it with 2. As such I won't cover it here.

Our first priority is to work on the Radar Tower in the center of the map. We need to surround it, so we need to take the three nodes surrounding it. The node above the middle Radar and the node to the left should be your focus first. 

The one above has a Radar Tower on the way there and it needs to be taken before you can even take the node for the surround. As for the one to the left, you have a Radar Tower nearby you need to take after you get the node for the surround. 

Your turn 1 plan should be to take the north-most Radar Tower and get the node left of the middle Radar Tower. With your remaining AP, push towards the right node for the middle Radar Tower.

On turn 2, complete the surround and grab the bottom left Radar Tower. That should get you the win after the middle Radar Tower gets taken from the surround.

Video of me clearing this map



Author: Kazuki
Tags: seasonal
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