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CT Prep

Knock, knock, it's CT. Thought Singularity was hard? Well, CT's even harder, so I hope you're ready for a ride. We got the Military coming back, a whole new faction, and even more mechanics for maps. Let's get this rolling.

New Enemies#

I will NOT be covering bosses in this section. They'll be covered in their own little section on the first map they appear in.


White Faction#



The generic foot soldier. Not much else to say about them. 



AKA Laser Bats. These jumpy fucks target a row of your side of the field, then hop over there to laser the fuck out of you. They function similarly to Typhons, but aren't nearly as strong.

They remain in "shoot it until it dies" territory, but you they may get their lasers off. If they do, you have time to move out of the way. If you're particularly skilled you can have them fire their lasers in between rows so they don't hit anyone.



A weapon to surpass metal gear! This is the source of many a commander's nightmares. These armoured fucks are masters of the art of grenading you. 

All of their attacks involve grenades and that poses a big problem for you. I won't bore you with the mechanics, but grenades hurt a lot. Kite them as much as you can and kill them before they bukkake grenades all over your side of the field.

Yeah, they do that. It ignores your frontline and spews grenades all over your face.

HP shields prevent a lot of the pain vs these.



A tank with many ways to murder you. These guys are usually used as roadblocks, so if you see one with that skull marker, stay away. Mechanically they have a fair few ways of ending your life. 

Aside from their regular attacks that don't do much, they can run you over and they can shoot you with a rocket.

Your main way of dealing with these if shooting it until it dies doesn't work is to use a taunt fairy or something with armour and a HP shield. Or both!



Distortion Barriers#


Oh, right. With the introduction of this new faction comes another new mechanic. They bring a special type of shielding called a Distortion Barrier. (name pending because fuck if I know if MICA's gonna change the name for EN)



These distortion barriers reduces your damage by a percentage. Nice and simple. If something has a 50% distortion barrier, you'll deal 50% of your damage. If something has a full distortion barrier, you'll do 0% of your damage. Which looks like a whole lot of this:



So how do you deal with this? This is where HOCs come in. The pierce stat on them affects their fracture damage. Fracture damage is what lowers that distortion barrier.



So if you're fighting the new faction... Be sure to bring some fire support. Just in case.




Zombie 1


If you remember Nightmares, or the data zombies, these guys are exactly the same. They're high HP bullet sponges that gnaw on your T-Dolls' faces. Molotovs and grenades work wonders versus them.

Zombie 2

Zombie 2, electric boogaloo. Great naming scheme honestly. These are zombies that have a gun. They shoot you. That's it. Like zombie 1 they're also HP sponges. Molotovs and grenades also melt them.



The big boss zombie. These guys have INSANELY high HP but not much else. Their gimmick is that an area around them is contaminated so it deals damage over time to any T-Doll close to them.

They also can summon extra zombies to assist them in murdering you.

Dealing with them comes down to "DPS HARDER AND FASTER". All they have is their HP so go hard.



New Mechanics#


Map Structures#





You know how your HOCs work? This is the enemy version of them. Akin to Jupiter Cannons, these guys fire a hot load in an AoE dealing a set amount of damage depending on the mortar. Unlike Jupiter Cannons, these actually have a clear radius on the splash and an indication which T-Doll is getting hit. Also unlike Jupiter Cannons, these mortars can be taken out remotely via your own HOCs. You can easily knock them out if your own HOC is within firing distance of them. You also have the option of having your own echelons run over them, which will instantly destroy them. Well, some of them. Some are also invincible because fuckyou.


AA Battery


These guys are MICA Team's way of saying "Can you not just para and end this map?". AA batteries will prevent any usage of a Heliport or Heavy Heliport aside from resupplying. This means you can't deploy units from that Heliport, repair, parachute to it, or extract hostages from it.

Like the mortars, these can be destroyed with HOCs or have your own echelon walk over it. DO NOTE THAT SOME OF THESE CAN'T BE DESTROYED. You can press on them to get info on if they can or can't be destroyed.


Control Tower



These guys don't pop up much, but they do appear. All they do is give stat buffs to any enemy within a set amount of nodes from them. You can destroy these with HOCs. Not much else to say about them. 

Prepping For Story#

Absolute minimum: 1 AR/SMG, 2 RF/HG, Lv 1 BGM-71

Overkill: 2 AR/SMG, 2 RF/HG, 1 gunboat (4 mg 1 hg), taunt fairy, Lv 60 BGM-71, and a Lv 60 AGS-30

Note: I mean these as fully leveled echelons. Earlier chapters may not need them fully leveled, but when it comes to chapter 3, please have them leveled and ready for a fight.


There's not too much to say about the first few chapters. You can steamroll them with two AR/SMG echelons pretty easily. Any of the distortion barriers within chapter 2 is easily handled by even the lowest level BGM-71. Chapter 3 is where the rest of the list comes into play.

First up, the ELID. These guys in chapter 3 have a little bit of evade, so ideally you have AR/SMG echelons ready for them. However, you can deal with them with an RF/HG echelon. It might be a little sketchy however. So stick with AR/SMG if possible.

Further down the line in Chapter 3, you're starting to fuck with the Military. So, like Singularity, RF/HG is the go to for clearing these out. You can also use MG echelons but RFs are a bit more consistent. Also, because it's Military'o'clock you also got Typhons! This means gunboats. Thankfully you can dodge these Typhons completely, so they're optional. Sure as fuck makes it easier to clear though. The more RFs or MGs you can field the better for these Military-centric maps.
Lastly, we have the taunt fairy. This little shit does wonders versus the White Faction. It can bait the Rodeleros to firing down the middle row, it can prevent the Doppelsöldners from destroying you (for a little while), and it can make Ulhans sit around and do nothing for quite some time. All in all, a really good fairy to have in your pocket. 

Prepping For Ranking#


idk my bff jill 


MICA team's probably gonna change shit up so fuck if I know.

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