Glasses optional

0:23 Grand Central Terminal EX

Objective: Capture designated Radar Tower

Echelon Limit: 2

Recommended Echelon(s): AR/SMG, Dummy


This is sort of a long one. We have a very empty starting point, with just our Command Center and a few closed Heliports. As anyone could probably figure out by this point, there is more to it than just this. Deploy your echelon and move to the second closed Heliport from your Command Center. This will teleport you over to the second layer of the map. Here's the real long march. The starting point of the second layer is where you're gonna collect AP to make this journey a tad bit better. 

Starting on turn two, we want to capture as many closed Heliports as we can. Be sure to use surround capture for this. Move your first echelon off the Heavy Heliport and deploy your dummy echelon. Move your first echelon to the right, then up. Move your dummy echelon to the right twice. This should capture most of the closed Heliports via encirclement. On turn three, we can move out to the objective.

We only really have one way to go, so go to the node that seems to indicate there's more nodes past it to unveil the next part of the area. For the most part, we're gonna be looking for that node in each of the unveiled areas and going to the next one like it. Any of the enemies you encounter should be dealt with via grenades. They're fairly difficult to kill otherwise.

After a few turns, you'll get to the 3rd area that you can unveil. This is where our goal for this part of the map is, and it will take us to our final objective. You'll have Agent 416 blocking the way there, but she can be dealt with by grenades. However you deal with her, head to the marked node and you'll be transported up to the first layer of the map once you stand on it. This part of the first layer has our final objective, the Radar Tower. Capture it and end the map.

Video of me clearing this map



Author: Kazuki
Tags: Division Collab
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