Glasses optional

0:50 Dark Zone EX

Objective: Have Vector be on one of the marked nodes, and your echelon on the other marked node.

Echelon Limit: 2

Recommended Echelon(s): AR/SMG, Dummy


This map is divided into two sections. First one has you eliminate Vector, who is just chilling on the marked node up on the top right of the available map. Second part has you finish the stated objective up.

Conceptually, it's really simple. I don't really think this map needs much in the way of explanation, since all it really boils down to is move to marked nodes with your units. Order doesn't really matter in the second section, as long as you don't lose the Vector echelon. I'll just give a brief outline for what to do.

In the first section, you want to head to the marked node. A good idea is to go to the right, making a pit stop at the closed Heliport on the way there. On turn two you should be at the marked node. Use a grenade to kill Vector, then capture the node she was on.

This starts the second section of the map. Now it's just move Vector to either of the marked nodes, and move your echelon to the other. Do note that Vector can't really take any fights, so using grenades to protect her is key if your own echelon can't handle the fights. Be smart with it and it should be a fairly easy clear.

Video of me clearing this map



Author: Kazuki
Tags: Division Collab
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