Glasses optional

1:10 Extraction Point

Objectives: Capture the enemy Command Center and defeat the two bosses. (Agent 416 and Agent Vector)

Echelon Limit: 4

Recommended Echelon(s): AR/SMG, Dummy x2


For being the last map in the collaboration, this is fairly easy. We have a fair amount of starting AP due to controlling multiple Heliports as well as our allied Command Center, so the plan is to rush down the enemy Command Center. Deploy your dummy echelons on the top Heliport and the Command Center. Your combat echelon will be on the bottom Heliport, since it's the closest to the enemy Command Center.

There's some chance that enemies will walk onto your Command Center, so be ready to toss grenades at them if needed. There is an enemy that starts next to you, so you'll likely want to grenade that. 

With your combat echelon, move to the enemy Command Center. You'll find Agent 416 there, who can be taken out with grenades. Do so and move past the enemy Command Center for now. We're gonna look for Agent Vector before capturing it. She'll be chilling near the top right of the map. So proceed up from the enemy Command Center to meet her.

Unfortunately, she's one of the enemies we cannot grenade down. Thankfully, we should have a bunch of turrets sitting around to deal with her, since those can still hit her. You did save those, right? No? Go farm EX 1 then. Anyway, Agent Vector should be trying to chase you down, which gives you plenty of opportunity to lay down turrets to hit her. Lay down turrets on the path you took up to Vector, then move back down to the enemy Command Center to capture it.

You may need to hit her with a few more turrets by going back a node and deploying another turret where you were previously. However, if you're not literally trying to run this with the bare minimum of echelons (like, only dummy echelons or something), you'll be able to take her on after she steps on two or three of them, especially if you flashbang her.

Once you have the enemy Command Center as well as both bosses killed, it should clear the map.

Video of me clearing this map



Author: Kazuki
Tags: Division Collab
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