Glasses optional

Fear Of Public Speaking EX


This is one of those maps where I have no idea how exactly they'll change it for EN. 



Objective: Capture enemy Command Center
Recommended Echelon(s): AR/SMG, RF/HG


You have to cross the map to the enemy Command Center. Problem? There's a lot of very tough Gundams that EN probably won't be able to kill. You have two options. 

Option 1: Similar to the normal version of the map, you go south of your Command Center and sneak past some Gundams. Decent option, especially if you only need to ferry one echelon through this mess. 

Option 2: Go to the east of your Command Center and head into the circle of doom. Works similarly to the circle of red Golyats around Gaia in DD 3-4. 




I personally prefer option 1. You can do option 2, it's more consistent but it can take a few more turns to do. You'll also probably want to pack a good RF echelon to clear out the Gundams that are killable.


So, option 1 is basically the same as the normal mode of this map. This time, however, you have two Gundams being dicks instead of just one. They also don't have set roaming patterns, so it's up to you to try your best to dodge them. 



While you're trying to push towards the enemy Command Center, please be aware that your Command Center can be attacked by some of the enemies that are on option 2's route. Be sure you have something guarding it.

Once you've gotten past this initial 6 nodes


at the top of the rectangle of fuck you, you should be relatively safe. You still have a few bits of trash to fight, so be aware of your resource count on your echelon. 


Once you get down to the little side area with the enemy Command Center, all you have left is the Gundam pack on it. 

Video of me clearing this map


Author: Kazuki
Tags: Va11-halla
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