Glasses optional

First Contact

Objective: Grab both explosives and then move them to the marked nodes
Failure Condition: SCAR-H or SCAR-L dies


Do note that there's some variance in this map due to Alert AI. You will have to adjust depending on where some enemies move.


For this map, we need to grab the explosives chilling out, then move them to a different map layer. For Normal, we're provided with NPC echelons that should be able to deal with this map fairly easily. They also have a buff that gives them one free movement point per turn, making them pretty nice to use. Not like you have an option, but whatever.

Anyways, to start things off we want to move SCAR-H up two nodes to the EMP. Take out the enemy there and pick up the EMP. Swap over to the other layer where SCAR-L is and move her down one node. End the turn there. 

On turn two, move SCAR-H down one node then swap over to SCAR-L. Move her up one node, then left two nodes, then down two nodes. End turn.

On turn three, We can wrap up SCAR-L's section here. Move her to the left node node and grab the explosive then head u p one node and go to the left once again. We're done with her stuff, so swap over to SCAR-H. Use the EMP on the nearby enemy and move her to the right one node. End the turn. 

On turn four, move SCAR-H to the explosive, grab it, then move her to the node to the left of the explosive. End the turn here.

On turn five, you'll pass and skip to turn six. When on turn six, move SCAR-H up one node then right two nodes to take her to the layer you need her to be on. This clears the map.

Video of me clearing this map



Author: Kazuki
Tags: Eclipses and Saros
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