Halloween Event 1-1

So, today we got a nice and quick mini event for this Halloween. It's pretty easy overall, with the hardest map being around 6-6 in difficulty. So if you can clear that, you'll be good to go for this event.

I'll preface this that the videos use multiple echelons, but all of these maps are doable with one combat echelon and dummies. 




First off, we just have a simple elimination mission. These require little strategy, especially when there's no turn limit. None of these enemies move unless you go into their aggro radius, so if you're using only one echelon to clear this, start from the Heliport and not your Command Center. Just leave a dummy echelon there. From there it's just simply killing all of the units. If you have two echelons, you can use both to clear faster. About it.


Video of me clearing this map



Author: Kazuki
Tags: I Cant Believe I Have To Write This halloween
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