Glasses optional

Heavy Metal & Tender Wood II



Objective: Have Suomi hand out all of her CDs to other NPC echelons.

Recommended Echelon(s): Dummy x2


This map basically has you walk next to each friendly NPC echelon with the Suomi NPC echelon to give them a CD. The main issue is that there's a lot of clutter that can slow down the map. So we're just gonna use dummy echelons to clean it up, easy enough.

To start things off, move your first echelon to the clutter immediately above your Command Center. Pick it up and deploy a second echelon.

On turn two, we'll have a ton more AP. We can start moving Suomi here, so move her to VSK and clean up the clutter. Be sure to give her the CD before moving to the left to give P7 a CD. Move your second echelon to the right and swap it with your first echelon. Move your second echelon to the left, then up to the last bit of clutter. Pick it up, and then we can move Suomi up. Move her all the way up to Falcon, give her a CD, then swap with your second echelon. Give G36 a CD then move down one node to give Nagant Revolver the last CD, which should end the map. 


Video of me clearing this map



Author: Kazuki
Tags: seasonal
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