Glasses optional


Objective: Rescue and extract 4 hostages.
Turn Limit: 5
Recommended Echelon(s): AR/SMG (x2)

Here we have 4 hostages around the map and a single Heliport to your name. Unfortunately, you have Gager coming in with Intruder and a few red Golyats to steal away that Heliport.

So, your priority is to extract the hostage next to your starting Heliport, then getting another Heliport to extract the rest. The best candidate to be taken is actually the one at the north of the map:

since two of the hostages are nearby. Thankfully, the way the hostages are laid out makes things pretty easy to capture it. You'll have one echelon coming up from the right side after grabbing the bottom right hostage and you'll have another grabbing the left hostage in the above picture. 

Before going up to the Heliport, you'll want to grab the other hostage in the bottom half of the map. Since it'll likely be fairly injured on turn 2, you'll want to prioritize getting her on turn 2.

Once you've secured her, you can use that echelon to grab the Heliport mentioned above. Your second echelon on the left side of that Heliport will grab the hostage on that side. This also allows you to actually take the nodes up there without being surrounded immediately. Now that you have another Heliport, you can do quick work to extract the rest of the hostages through it. They're...all right there. 

Video of me clearing this map


Author: Kazuki
Tags: Singularity
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