Glasses optional

Subsurface Homecoming II


Objective 1: Capture enemy Command Center

Objective 2: Eliminate all designated enemies

Recommended Echelon(s): AR/SMG (x2)

Objective 1


Pretty simple, but we need to do something kinda scary. We need to fight a red Golyat. Terrifying. The big thing we need to do is to bait the red Golyat with a skull mark on it away from the path on the left. Once we do that, we can actually just run up to the enemy Command Center. 

It's quite easy to bait the red Golyat; just moving to the node to the left of our Command Center will alert it, so move your echelon there on turn one. Deploy a second echelon on your Command Center afterwards; we need it to defend ourselves.

At this point...well, we just leave our second echelon on our Command Center while we go up the left path that's now semi-clear. The red Golyat that we baited shouldn't move at this point if we don't mess with it anymore, so move your first echelon towards that left pathway up. On turn three, we can go all the way to the enemy Command Center, but we have one problem: the second red Golyat. This shouldn't be too hard to deal with, since we don't need anything fancy to bust it. All you need to do is have your echelon kill the two black Golyats that come in first, then retreat all but one unit in your echelon. Use that last T-Doll to hug the red Golyat and have it explode. You'll win the battle, then you can finish capturing the enemy Command Center to finish the map out.

Objective 2


The Isomers have random movement...so a guide is a little iffy here. All I can tell you is to make sure your Command Center doesn't get surrounded and make sure it's safe from people walking into it. Use two or more combat echelons for this as well; you'll definitely want two at least. Three makes things a lot easier to hold. Also be aware of the red Golyat on the left side that can be alerted and come in. So uh... good luck?

Videos of me clearing this map


Objective 1



Objective 2


Author: Kazuki
Tags: Shattered Connexion
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