Glasses optional

Isomer I


Objective: Eliminate all enemies

Recommended Echelon(s): AR/SMG (x2), Dummy

For this map, we have a few things we need to do in order. First, we need to use the console to disable the Golyat on the right, then we need to use that Golyat to bomb the Gladiator, and then finally we need to step on the Radar Tower to destroy the bulky Manticore. 

After deploying both of our combat echelons here, our first move is to take the closed Heliport to the left of our Command Center. Move a combat echelon there, and then deploy a dummy echelon on your Command Center. Move your second echelon to the right one node with your last AP. You can possibly soak up some enemies there. 

Note: I'm kinda trying to keep most of the fighting to one echelon here, so you can stack one echelon for this.

On turn two, things might get iffy, since you'll be sending your only echelon here up to the top part of the map to get to the console. If an enemy is threatening your Command Center, do take care of it first. It'll cost AP, but the overall strategy won't change, just the turn count. Alternatively, use your second echelon that started from the Heliport to get to the console. If you're safe, head up to the console with your echelon that started on your Command Center. Use it and it'll sleep the Golyat for you.

On turn three, return back to your Command Center with the echelon that went to the console. Grab the Golyat on the next turn and then make your way up to the Gladiator that's blocking the path to the Radar Tower. When you get there, toss the Golyat at the Gladiator, then move to the Radar Tower. Stepping on it will delete the Manticore, and then you just need to finish off the Rodelero to finish the map.

Video of me clearing this map




Author: Kazuki
Tags: Shattered Connexion
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