Glasses optional

Operation Defang I Combat I


Objective: Rescue and secure one hostage

Recommended Echelon(s): AR/SMG, Dummy

This map is a little weird to do. All of the enemies have random AI pathing around the map, which makes things very difficult to do in a consistent manner. The idea is that you need to traverse to the left side of the map while dealing with the enemies and Gustav firing upon us. The problem is, unless you massively overgear the battles, this can be fairly difficult. So, the plan ends up being, "fish for an opening to get to the EMP after turning on the Substation", which is about as thrilling as it sounds. We're waiting for some of the enemies that can block our path to just be not there, or to walk into us at a safe location away from Gustav. Because of the EMP, it's not entirely the worst map ever, but the beginning can be an issue.

To start us off, deploy your AR echelon and take out the Centarus. It's not within Gustav firing range, so there shouldn't be any problems killing it. Deploy your dummy echelon afterwards and end the turn.

Turns two through...until you can get through, is just trying to feel your way to the EMP without encountering an enemy. Before that, if you have the chance to, turn on the Substation. If there's no enemy there, use your dummy echelon, otherwise you can use your combat echelon. Once that's done, we can try to make our way to the EMP. Just keep looking to see if your path there is clear, and once it is, head to the EMP. If possible, do not use the EMP just yet. We'll likely need it to take out any enemies blocking our way when we have more AP. 

Once we have some sufficient AP, we can pop the EMP and clear enemies out that are blocking our way to UMP45. This shouldn't be an issue now, since the EMP drastically lowers the enemy stats, so it shouldn't be too tough to do the battles. The main thing you want to do during each fight is to move three of your T-Dolls to the front column, preferably a tank and two of your most effective damage dealers, and retreat whoever's left. The front column is safe, and with the reduced stats of the enemies, you'll likely be fine. 

When you grab UMP45, all you need to do is navigate back to your Command Center. Assuming you used the EMP on the same turn, the enemies won't move until the effect wears off. So you should have a clear path back. Once you've made it back, extract the hostage and end the map.

Video of me clearing this map



Author: Kazuki
Tags: Shattered Connexion
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