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Shattered Connexion Farm Guide

Here's some example farming routes for all two of the new dolls as well as a couple of crate farm ideas. Not much else to say really other than to feel free to experiment; if you are having trouble doing it with just M4 and a handgun, try adding more RoF buffers or other guns. You also might say some of them might be faster with Calico rather than HS2K and you might be right! It's fine to experiment with different echelons, as this is just an outline of where you might want to farm each doll, so don't take it as a strict rule. You can click on the video below each one to see the farm route.

SSG3000 - recommended route#


I recommend this simply cause you get 2 checks in one go and you can sorta AFK it if you want. Most of the routes for this are either long or small drop count, so not much that can be done about that.


SSG3000 - early route#


Here's another method you can do that unlocks sooner, but it's one drop per run, very short though and with some RoF HG support you could possibly get it down to 20-30 seconds per run which is technically pretty efficient. You can also farm SSG on Normal using the planning mode method, but keep in mind the drop chance is said to be lower, and it may take longer per drop. I've judged that route not worth it.

Kord - most efficient route#


This farm still sucks, but not as much as the other one. The catch is that you need to do Chapter 5 to get to it. Two drops and 4 medals per run, but at least the enemies are easy.


Kord - early route#


It sucks, but it's available early at least. One drop and two medals per run, have fun.

Crate Farm - fast#


Fairly fast one-turn crate farm here, and it's decently early. The main con is you either field shotguns here or eat some repairs trying something else.

Crate Farm - low resource cost#


I won't lie, this map takes multiple turns to do, so I hesitated to recommend it, but it is an option for those who are adverse to spending anything but the bare minimum on crate farming. Only should cost the manpower for two handguns. Also, don't move off the radar before you end the turn, because it will mess up the enemy positions and make it not doable with dummy echelons.

Author: Miyako
Tags: Shattered Connexion
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