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Shattered Connexion Prep

Hey. Hey, wake up, it's time for another event. You haven't been sleeping on the job, right? This is probably the straight up hardest event MICA has made. So I hope you've been getting yourself nice and ready. What? You don't want to try? Well, sucks, cause you're gonna need to with the difficulty level of chapter 5. Normal isn't too bad, but man...EX can just be suffering. You know why it's suffering? All of the new units from this event turn things up to 11 difficulty-wise. 

It's okay though, at least they kept the Normal and EX separation from Isomer, right?

Story progression#


So, we kept the Isomer-style progression through the story for this event. However, now it's properly broken up into chapters so you don't need to scroll ten billion miles to find the map you wanna do. 

What they did change was how you access new maps. In Isomer, each map has multiple different objectives you can do to finish the map. Some are harder, some are easier. What matters is that each objective cleared will give you intel that will unlock more maps. Yes, that means they removed the time-gating mechanic! HURRAH

You also have EX and Normal modes, just like Isomer. Overall, it's pretty much the same.

New enemies#






This guy is a lot scarier looking than he actually is. He's a melee unit that's slow as FUCK so most of his strengths lie in his defensive abilities. 

His main shtick is that his distortion barrier actually can regenerate if he gets his attack off. Along with that, they generally have fairly high stats. The idea is that you want to murderize it before it can actually reach you. The attack he does is a ground slam that has similar properties to a grenade. Meaning, it will absolutely fuck up any T-Dolls that get hit by it if they have dummy links. 

In general, you can down these just fine with AR/SMG echelons. Just have sufficient DPS and HOC support if appropriate.



These guys are...kinda whatever. Patrollers, like Gladiators, have fairly high stats overall, but they're not too bad to deal with. 

Their thing is that they have a massive HP shield that regenerates along with a fairly hefty distortion barrier. They'll start off in a mode where they'll just target the front-most target. During this mode they have their HP shield, and due to the size of the shield, it's not really a good idea to push through it. However, after a few volleys of shots from them, they'll switch to a different mode where they remove their HP shielding and gain something like 1900% more evasion and start hopping around. Their attacks now will pierce in a line and do fairly high damage to anything hit. 

This mode is when you want to push damage on it, despite the 1900% evasion buff. The key to taking them down is to use RFs with sure-hit attacks. Things like Mosin-Nagant or M200 are some of the go-to options for clearing this out. Additionally, you want to use a Taunt Fairy for these. If you use it and vacate the middle row, they'll be fairly ineffective as the decoy can withstand its attacks for a fair amount of time.

Gunner (Strelet+)


They're uh...Strikers, more or less. The only difference is that these Gunners have the ability to lower evasion, and I believe most of them have some armor-piercing capability. It makes them a fairly difficult target to kill, but using strategies that you would use against SWAP Strikers can prove effective against these.

Abandoned Isomer


These function like Dactyls in the sense that they don't directly attack. Their main purpose is to move from right to left and disrupt you. Each time they move, they'll leave an EMP field on the ground where they move to. This field will stun all T-Dolls caught in it, which can spell trouble if they get all the way to your backline. Unlike Dactyls, these don't self-destruct when they get all the way across the screen, so you'll lose the battle instead. 

This essentially turns the battle into a DPS race. Other than that, they're not particularly difficult. Just use AR/SMGs to handle these.



You ever wonder what Judge would be like as a normal enemy? No? Well these Pixis turrets are essentially it. Use two SGs to tank them and either MGs or ARs to kill them. Also, their position on the map is fixed, so they can't move.







These spawn the enemy below (Pathfinders). They're stationary (even on the map) so you don't need to worry about them very much. They do typically come with very high armour (200+), so it may be a struggle to deal with them. Ideally you'd bring RFs for these but...the Pathfinders can make that difficult.



These are essentially Tarantulas that have a metric fuckton of evade. ARs do best versus these, but do poorly versus the Reccecenters.

The absolute best way to handle the two together is to have an RF echelon with HOC support like AT4. AT4 can deal with the majority of the Pathfinders while your RFs kill the Reccecenter.

Centaurus (Archers)


Ah yes, the nightmare generator. These archers are the source of a lot of pain and suffering for people.

To accurately describe these...I want you to imagine a SWAP Jaeger. Okay, now imagine it also has a long as fuck range. Now add in a secondary skill that functions like a molotov. You may be questioning it, but keep going. Now attach around 40 fucking eva to them. That's what you get from these fucks. You want ARs to deal with these guys, but stuff like RFB can give you an edge with her unique targeting focusing them first.



These guys are annoying ankle-biters that can soak up a large amount of damage due to their unique mechanic. 

Their gimmick is that they're a fast moving melee unit that bites you a few times once they reach you, then they put up an HP shield that has damage reduction taped on top of it. This damage reduction reduces ALL damage taken to one. ALL. Every hit. This does come with a giant downside: if you break the shield, they take massive damage. So, you have two options here to deal with them:

First, try and burn them as fast as you can, before they start pulling up their shields.

Second, burn their shields with multihit and high RoF T-Dolls and cause them to explode. 

Both of these options are acceptable.



The big scary enemy of this event. Minotaurs are a wall of fucking stats and will end your life if you aren't ready for them. Every attack they do works like grenade damage does. The more T-Doll links you have, the more damage that doll will receive.

The first attack is a taser thing that shoots from their arms that deals damage to anything in front of them. 

The second attack is a grenade spray that hits like four tiles. 

The real "go fuck yourself" part of them is that they have a damage reduction shield they put up when they're not attacking. This makes it very hard to kill them when they have it up. 

There is an upside, though: the taser can be mitigated by armour, so shotguns are fairly effective at tanking them. 

The best way to deal with them is with an RF/HG echelon attempting to kill them prior to them putting their damage reduction shield up. This is fairly doable, since they need to walk into melee range before they put the shield up. If you use Grape, you can also pop them with her skill when they lower their shield.


As always, I won't cover bosses here due to spoilers. But the Military train is covered in its own document here.

There's a few new things to cover map mechanic-wise as well.




These merely act as a supplier for power for other mechanics. In SC, they usually power EMPs. Typically, you need to turn them on for them to supply power.



These guys are insanely useful. When used, they'll do an AoE blast and immobilize all enemy units caught in it. Not only that, but afterwards, the enemies will also have massively reduced stats while the effect is active on them. It usually only lasts for the turn you use the EMP though.

The big thing to note with these is that using them will blow out the substation that powers them, which means there is a cooldown period before you are able to use the EMP again.


They make things go boom, typically Ruins.



You ever play Advance Wars? 'Cause these basically work like that. You get a defensive buff for fighting a battle while defending in these ruins. Enemies ALSO get it so, watch out. Exploding them will usually cause rubble to appear in the surrounding nodes.


Preparing for story#




So, Normal has a bit higher barrier to entry compared to before with regard to the requirements needed to finish the entire event. HOWEVER, with the new player rewards from career quests, it's entirely possible to fully clear the event with a brand new account. 

You'll want to bring two AR/SMG echelons, an MG/SG echelon, an RF/HG echelon, and you'll also want to have a few extra shotguns ready. A lot of this is for chapter five, which is honestly one of the most difficult event chapters made thus far. Chapters one through four can be handled pretty soundly with two AR/SMG echelons. 




EX is where things get really really hard. You'll want to be able to pull out multiple gunboat echelons, a good RF/HG echelon, two AR/SMG echelons, and likely a few extra shotguns for AR/SG echelon action. Among ARs, you likely will want good night ARs that buff their own FP, as well as grenadiers. You have a few places you can make use of grenades and molotovs here. Having good HOCs here is also very nice, as it can make things a lot easier, especially in chapter five. You also need to have a method for busting red Golyats in the earlier chapters. Force shield and a good smoke+flashbang are the order of the day here.

Honestly, a lot of what it takes to do well in EX is just knowing the enemies. A lot of it is quite difficult, but manageable, assuming you know how they work. There's also a lot of opportunities for repairing on harder maps, so it's not all bad. 


For the overall difficulty of the event, most of the difficult content is skewed towards chapter four and five. Four is a small step up from one through three, but the largest spike is on five. Not only are you doing night battles here, but the unique conditions for the maps make it difficult in an overall tactical planning sense for the maps as well as in the actual battles. 

EX on its own starts off tuned to the difficulty of the normal version of SC. It continues to scale up until chapter five when it hits a peak in difficulty. Like I mentioned at the beginning, I feel as though SC is still the hardest event to clear on EX. So...get ready for some fun.

Author: Kazuki
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