Glasses optional

Second Contact

Objective: Engage the refugee
Failure Condition: SCAR-L is knocked out


For this map, we're once again provided with NPC echelons to use. To help with movement, the NPC echelons also get one free movement point per turn. The main obstacle for this map is the turret structures. They fire upon you when you walk past nodes marked with a lock-on icon, dealing damage equal to a percentage of your HP to the dolls in your echelon. They also fire if you start or end your turn on top of a lock-on icon. They ALSO change where they're targeting, so a previously safe node can be fired upon if the turret rotates onto you. Thankfully, since it's Normal mode, we can pretty much ignore the mechanic. 

So, for our objective, we need to get to the refugee up at the top of the map. It's locked behind a gate, so we also need to open that somehow. Thankfully, the console for doing that isn't particularly hidden, just in one obscured node in the middle of the map. So we go to that, then straight to the refugee. Easy map.

On turn one, we want to start by engaging the Cyclops to the left, then move up one node and left until we run out of AP. Yes, we'll end the turn inside the turret's firing range, but oh well. 

On turn two, move down, then left two nodes. Move up one node and end the turn. 

On turn three, we'll be eating even more turret fire but the NPC echelon should be fine. Move up one node, then right one node; this reveals the console. Move up to the console and use it to open the gate. Move back down one node and end the turn.

On turn four, continue to eat more turret fire and move to the left one node, then up two nodes. Move right one node, then move onto the gate. End the turn here.

On turn five, engage the refugee that should've been revealed on the last turn to end the map.

Video of me clearing this map



Author: Kazuki
Tags: Eclipses and Saros
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