Glasses optional

Third Contact

Objective: Collect 3 moons, then defeat SCAR-L

Failure Condition: SCAR-H dies


In this final map, we're tasked with taking down SCAR-L. She's really pissed off, so we can't really do that immediately. Before we can engage her, we need to get various moons that spawn on the corners of the map. Once we have three of them, then we can deal with SCAR-L. Like all of the other Normal maps, we're provided with an NPC echelon for use. SCAR-H isn't particularly strong, so we'll have to be careful with her usage, especially since we're surrounded by very difficult enemies. So let's get started.

To start things off, we want to head up to the moon on the upper right part of the map. Move to the left and grab the EMP. Use it immediately on the doggo echelon and then engage it. Once you take it out, move up to the moon. You can grab the moon now, but just be aware that if you do, SCAR-L will be buffed to move twice in one turn. This is mildly helpful on Normal so she gets to you a bit faster later on. If you run into issues, you can avoid picking up the moon until the next turn. End the turn here.

On turn two, move to the closed Heliport that we own in the middle of the map and then left one node from that. End the turn there.

On turn three, we should be surrounded by Aegises (the radar tank things). We want to use SCAR-H's action thing she gained after grabbing a moon. Target an Aegis, preferably the one to the left of you, and use the action on it. It should severely damage it allowing you to be able to punch through it. Move to the left and engage it, then move another node to the left and head up to the moon. We won't get there this turn, so end the turn.

Starting on turn four, move up to the moon and grab it, and then head back down. We won't have much AP at this point since we've lost most of our closed Heliports, but take a few turns and head down to the last moon. The Aegises should be blocking SCAR-L's movement to us, so her chasing us down shouldn't be too much of an issue.

Around turn seven is when you should have the last moon. If you have any Aegises blocking your way, blast them with SCAR-H's action and take them out. Engage SCAR-L when you can. 

The fight with SCAR-L is fairly simple, all you need to do is button mash SCAR-H's skill in the battle. That's it. If you didn't collect all of the moons, the button mashing would become very difficult, to the point that I'm not sure it's possible. But with it, just slam that skill repeatedly until you win. Once you've beaten her, the map should be cleared.

Video of me clearing this map



Author: Kazuki
Tags: Eclipses and Saros
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