Glasses optional


Objective: Locate SCAR-H (by grabbing three boxes)
Failure Condition: SCAR-L dies


Like the previous Normal maps, we're provided with an NPC echelon to use. It has one free movement point per turn, to make up for the loss in AP. For this map, we're tasked with locating SCAR-H in the various hidden parts of the map. So, we're going to be going over to each section of the map to do some searching.

To start things off, we want to go to the nearby hidden section over to the right. Move up one node, then right one node and engage the Cyclops. This unveils the area, where we'll proceed over to the closed Heliport that was just revealed. Do NOT take the box just yet, it spawns in additional enemies. End the turn for now.

On turn two, grab the box. We can now backtrack and start heading over to the left side of the map. Go to the left one node, then up, and finally move to the left four nodes. End the turn here.

On turn three, move up one node to unveil the top left of the map. Go through the newly unveiled part of the map to the closed Heliport that we just found. Like before, do not take the box, it spawns in more stuff. End the turn. End the turn again to skip turn four. 

On turn five, grab the box. Move down two nodes to unveil another part of the map. Go to the left and move all the way up to unveil another bit of the map. This should reveal the last box you need to grab. Head to it, grab it and end the map.

Video of me clearing this map



Author: Kazuki
Tags: Eclipses and Saros
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