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Truth or Dare EX


Yeah, the abandoned Golyat mechanic mentioned on twitter literally only appears here.

As it turns out, it's also very key in actually finishing this map. You also want to be able to pull out a bunch of combat echelons for this. Four's a good number for this.



Objective: Capture enemy Command Center
Turn Limit: 14
Recommended Echelon(s): AR/SMG (x3), MG/SG

The end goal for this map is to encircle the enemy Command Center. To do this, you'll need to bypass a wall of red Golyats and capture all 4 nodes surrounding it. Did I mention that the red Golyats respawn? 

Okay, so how do we complete this map? First off, let's start with how to get rid of the Golyats. This is actually pretty simple, however it'll only get rid of them for one turn (then they get reinforcements from the Heliports). What you do is take the abandoned Golyat on the left side of the map and take it to the top left corner of the clusterfuck cube

and then choose to use it. It's similar to the gate switch mechanisms. This will exploderize all of the red Golyats in the area allowing you safe passage.

BUT HOLD UP, don't you just rush and grab the dedgolyat and explode it. This is a bit more complicated. As you can see, that entire cube is basically Sangvis held. To add to that, those Heliports in the middle of the map respawn the Golyats. Thankfully, not all the Heliports spawn enemies at once. On odd turns Golyats will be spawning in the Heliports that directly connect to the nodes around the Command Center. On even, it's the other 4 Heliports that don't connect directly on there.

Thankfully, the right side of the map is absolutely loaded with closed Heliports. So what you're essentially stuck doing is preparing enough AP to storm the Sangvis held cube to either take the Heliports, or the Command Center. Assuming all 4 of your echelons are standing on nodes that enter the cube on the turn you detonate the dedgolyat, you'll need 16 AP to take the Command Center in one go. It'll look kinda like this:

Very nice.

Okay, okay, but what do you do to get to this point?

So, as you could probably figure out at this point, the map is split into two. Both sides needs to gain as much AP as you can, pretty much all but a few Heliports need to be taken. The right side needs to defend your Command Center while doing so, but it doesn't take much to do that. There's only a few enemies there. So, kill them as you slowly take the Heliports on that side. You may want a dummy there as well to make use of swapping and to take the Heliports a bit faster.

The left side is a bit more involved, but still boils down to taking the Heliports. Grab the closed Heliport on the left and deploy your second echelon for that side on turn 1. Then you'll want to take the open Heliport near the dedgolyat. It'll get immediately resurrounded, so you'll also have to take the closed Heliport directly south of your starting Heliport. You'll want the AP anyways. From here, you'll want to take the closed Heliport that leads into the bottom left of the cube, it'll also surround the other closed Heliport next to it. If you want a good reference on what you want taken, check the screenshot above. Get you units into position outside of the cube, then set off the dedgolyat on the start of an even turn. So you don't die horribly when you try to capture all of the nodes needed.

You then can make the most satisfying preplanning ever and end the map. 

Video of me clearing this map


Author: Kazuki
Tags: Va11-halla
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