Glasses optional

The Griffin Builder


Objective: Capture all designated Radar Towers

Recommended Echelon(s): AR/SMG (x2), Dummy


We have a huge map and a lot of nodes to secure. We also have a gate in the way, so we need to burn a few AP to open it with the gate switch in the bottom left of our starting location. So our first few objectives is to open the gate and establish a bunch of AP through all the closed Heliports near our Command Center. This should be your turn one and two. In addition, you want to get your second combat echelon and your dummy echelon out before going for the Radar Towers. Turn one should have you get your second combat echelon out and then get to the gate switch to open the gate up. Turn two should have you get your dummy out while capturing the closed Heliports. Be sure to use encirclement to get all of the Heliports on this turn.

Once you've secured your AP source, it's time to grab all the Radars Towers. You'll be splitting up your two combat echelons here, one going up towards the top of the map, the other going to the bottom side.

There's not much else to say here, you just capture the Radar Towers from left to right. Order doesn't matter too much aside from speeding up the pace. Just surround capture the ones that are past one ways. 

Video of me clearing this map



Author: Kazuki
Tags: seasonal
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