Glasses optional

Wolf and Owl II EX


Objective: Capture this Radar Tower:



Recommended Echelon(s): AR/SMG (x2), Dummy


Today on maps I don't fully understand because I can't read Korean, we have a gate focused map. We have a wall of gates that can't be blown open, so we gotta fiddle with consoles. Only this time, some of them don't function correctly, so we need to use the right ones to open the gate up. First, we need to open up the gate blocking the majority of the switches.

You may be thinking "I'll just blow the gate up, no big deal", but no, that doesn't work, I tried. Why? I don't know. It's stupid. If you don't use the other console on the map to open the gate, the consoles past the gate won't work. So we gotta open it up properly. For that we need to go to the consoles to the north of where we wanna be. So let's get that going.

We have four AP to start with, letting us do some nice work setting up to get to the console we need on turn two. This turn, we want to take the Heavy Heliports near our base to get us the AP we need to make that trip in one go. Make use of surround capture for the Heavy Heliport below our Command Center so we can save some AP here. That Heavy Heliport doesn't spawn anything, so we don't need to mess with it. This allows us to just deploy our combat echelons on the Heliport we start with, which is a bit closer to the action. For this turn, we just want to capture the two Heavy Heliports and to move one of our combat echelons closer to the console we need to be at. 

On turn two, with all the AP we have, make sure you're resupplied, then rush over to the consoles you can access. The one on the right is (a) not blocked by a death stack and (b) can actually be used to open the door, so use that one. If you have all the AP you could've gotten as well as moved one of your echelons out into the loop the Paradeus units are moving in, you should have enough AP to make it to the console. Open the gate up for turn three. 

On turn three, we're just moving into the area to take the Heliport for now. The increased AP is nice and we can't really make use of the gate controls just yet. Take that Heliport and move your first echelon that went to the other consoles back towards the loop of Paradeus units. We'll be using that one to snag the Radar Tower later.

On turn four, it's time to fiddle with the gates. These are the consoles you will be using:



The one of the bottom opens up gate II and the one on the top opens gate III. Open gate II first then III because who wants to backtrack and waste AP? Once you've gotten the gates open, we can finish out the map.

Because of the Gundam death stack, we need to bait it away from blocking the Radar Tower. Thankfully, it's easy enough. You have enough AP to make it into its aggro radius after opening the gates up. So get there and it'll move up. On the next turn, go around it through the second path of gates and capture the Radar Tower, ending the map.

Video of me clearing this map



Author: Kazuki
Tags: Isomer
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