List of Tracks Used in the VA11-HALL-A collab

Because it's come up a few times.

Cafe BGM: Welcome to VA-11 HALL-A
Event Screen: Hopes and Dreams (GK Arrangement)

Stage BGMs:

  • Stage 1 & Habanera: Digital Drive
  • Stage 2: March of the White Knights
  • Stage 3: A New Frontier
  • Stage 4: All Systems, Go!
  • Stage 5: Follow the Trail
  • Stage 6: Synthestitch
  • Stage 7: Showtime
  • Stage 8: Through The Storm We Will Find A Way
  • Stage 8 Boss Fight: Digital Drive (GK Arrangement)

Cafe Bar Stories:

  • Every Day Is Night
  • Glitch City
  • Shine Spark (Vocal Ver.)
  • Snowfall
  • Those Who Dwell In Shadows
  • Troubling News
  • Where Do I Go From Here
  • You've Got Me
  • Reminiscence
  • Your Love Is A Drug (Vocal Ver.)


"GK Arrangement" means the version there is an arrangement by GK, 1 of the main composers of the GFL Sound Track and the game Sound Director.




Author: Katyusha
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