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Type-56R Carbine (SKS) Mod

Type-56R Carbine (SKS) Mod – ★★★★ Rifle

As good now as she sucked before (1 of the best bangs for your buck given how shit she was)
Tags: Class: Rifle

Remember that reckoning I brought up in the original Type-56R entry? IT HAS COME.

Somehow the SKS they adopted in 56 is better than the AK they adopted, despite the AK basically being better in every way in real life. Instead, the dumb poster girl for Mao's messy leap gets both a massive art AND stat upgrade that frankly has no business being anywhere near as good as it is. If you don't have her, go farm AW or something. Having rejected the trappings of communism, she boosts herself into a ridiculous powerhouse of a rifle.

Her mod offers a massive jump in firepower from 103 to 111 (though the last point is at the very end because fuck you, but 7 points come from the Mod 1), an AP round with +10 more FP (effectively giving you +18 FP at max), bonus crit damage (sadly additive to itself instead of multiplicative) vs enemies with less than 5 dummy links AND she prioritizes the lower-link enemies, which means she tends to shoot elites and bosses first.

The biggest thing about her upgrade though, is that her crit damage boost is passive, meaning you get that damage from the get-go with no delay, making her immensely effective as an elite enemy eraser against units like Doppelsoldners, with her targeting priority making her much easier to use than most other options. Oh, and it's also fun for cheesing beginner and intermediate data sim.

As a bonus, she deals double damage after moving, which helps keep up DPS after moving from mechanics, but more importantly, you can literally wiggle her for free 2x damage shots (if your timing is good, you literally lose nothing from it due to game frames), and her active also boosts her movement speed to reduce downtime some more when she actually has to move for real.

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