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Name Class Rarity Useful? Notes

Savage Model 99

Savage Model 99
Rifle ★★★★★ Awkward and sometimes self-sabotaging. Very Inconsistent

This doll is EXTREMELY inconsistent due to the way she works. Sometimes she's really powerful, sometimes she sucks. If she kills at least two things, her performance is quite excellent. If she can't, she wallows until she does. If the fight has only one powerful enemy, don't even bother. Her active making her go after the strongest enemies seems good, but in practice it often delays getting her buff, though it can be powerful if you kill things before it triggers. With manual control, this is somewhat less of an issue, but then you can't just AFK with it. She has potential, but goddamn, sometimes it just isn't worth the hassle.

Type-56R Carbine (SKS) Mod

Type-56R Carbine (SKS) Mod
Rifle ★★★★ As good now as she sucked before (1 of the best bangs for your buck given how shit she was)

Remember that reckoning I brought up in the original Type-56R entry? IT HAS COME.

Somehow the SKS they adopted in 56 is better than the AK they adopted, despite the AK basically being better in every way in real life. Instead, the dumb poster girl for Mao's messy leap gets both a massive art AND stat upgrade that frankly has no business being anywhere near as good as it is. If you don't have her, go farm AW or something. Having rejected the trappings of communism, she boosts herself into a ridiculous powerhouse of a rifle.

Her mod offers a massive jump in firepower from 103 to 111 (though the last point is at the very end because fuck you, but 7 points come from the Mod 1), an AP round with +10 more FP (effectively giving you +18 FP at max), bonus crit damage (sadly additive to itself instead of multiplicative) vs enemies with less than 5 dummy links AND she prioritizes the lower-link enemies, which means she tends to shoot elites and bosses first.

The biggest thing about her upgrade though, is that her crit damage boost is passive, meaning you get that damage from the get-go with no delay, making her immensely effective as an elite enemy eraser against units like Doppelsoldners, with her targeting priority making her much easier to use than most other options. Oh, and it's also fun for cheesing beginner and intermediate data sim.

As a bonus, she deals double damage after moving, which helps keep up DPS after moving from mechanics, but more importantly, you can literally wiggle her for free 2x damage shots (if your timing is good, you literally lose nothing from it due to game frames), and her active also boosts her movement speed to reduce downtime some more when she actually has to move for real.


Rifle ★★★★★ Hates Armor. Has use but YMMV

A pastiche of fetishes that the game somehow didn't cover before. Behold, armor-destroying big gun brown eyepatch girl. Fixed fire rate that's slightly jank due to how the game handles frame count (shouldn't matter though), and absolutely hates armor. Her skill is passive and her basically permanent 400% damage vs armored enemies lets her shred armored units fairly early on.

Her five second reload time may or may not matter very much, depending on circumstances.

Notably used in data sim setups.

Super SASS Mod

Super SASS Mod
Rifle ★★★★ Very Specific Niche Shit

Her mod has changed her up from just a 1-shot-1-kill attempt like the other bamboo rifles and gone to... uhm.. she keeps trying to kill them if she fails. It's sort of funny thinking about it, with her going "WHY WONT YOU DIE, JUST DIE ALREADY" as she keeps unloading into the poor fucker who should have been killed.

It's not especially useful right now, but if there's a situation where you want an actual specific thing killed and need something that will keep targeting that thing, it has some potential use. It's very very niche and she's not an especially big priority right now, though.

General Liu

General Liu
Rifle ★★★★★ Fairly useful and unique actually

Named after a Chinese rifle most of you have never heard of, because the dude who it's named after managed to die before he really got the rifle into mass production. Remember those old jokes about Chinese human wave attacks? For a rifle that's basically rarer than non-corrupt Chinese officials during its era, there are somehow enough of them to equip a human wave of dolls, since she can equip a bunch of extra dolls on top of her dummy links. She's actually interesting since her skill can let her swap between forward and back targeting priorities and the sheer number of links she has is useful in situations where you need a large number of hits to deal with enemies' mechanics. It got a lot of use in later rankings for good reason.


Rifle ★★★★★ Interesting skill. Don't use her at night.

While fairly effective during the day, her main issue is that she's VERY badly affected by night debuffs. Another thing is she doesn't actually directly affect firepower, but it adds a percentage of her accuracy to the damage.


Rifle Special Actually really good if you meet her skill's conditions

Yes, Pekola, as opposed to a certain dumb rabbit. The eternally-starving once-most-powerful angel. She actually won't attack at all until you meet her conditions of getting enough buffs. Thankfully, stuff like Python's FP buff stacks count as individual buffs. More hilariously, the fairy talent Fervor also counts as three buffs. This makes satisfying the conditions for her skill actually pretty easy.

What you get for doing so is a ridiculous RF that completely ignores enemy armor and shields. A major downside to this though is she wont deal as much damage as another RF if you don't need such capabilities, since she isn't affected by very many damage buffs due to how she works.

This should be obvious, but you should pick up her unique gear if you plan on using her.

De Lisle

De Lisle
Rifle ★★★★★ Assistant Gunner type

Falls into the same niche as Strawberrycano where she sucks on her own, but is excellent for supporting others who are actually good. Often paired with the Cano sisters or M200 in 3RF-type setups. A Grape/M200/Nagant Revolver/DeLisle/tank-of-some-sort-type echelon was used in ranking map reruns to kill death stacks.


Rifle ★★★★★ Paratrooper-ready Anti-trash Rifle

With her skill kicking, she deals a fixed amount of bonus damage based on how many enemies show up, and deals bonus damage when she changes targets. The good part is that since it's a fixed amount based on enemy count, the rest of her stats don't matter. Doubly so because it ignores Armor, Evasion, Shields, etc., so she can still be useful while suffering from the stat penalties of using Parachute Fairy.


Rifle ★★★★★ Good RoF rifle. Demands more representation for other dolls.

Why does she have Shark teeth? Dammit Imoookoooo

Despite the teeth, she's somehow the nice HK girl. And somehow, she's the smart one. Look, HK is weird ok?

Anyway, she packs as much as 84% damage increase with her skill going at full power, but you're more likely to get a 76% boost in a typical RF/HG formation. Still, she's not bad. In practice she's slightly worse than R93 in most cases, but not usually enough to matter.

Note her buff tiles are funny and affect everything, so this makes her secondary ability a little easier to use. That said, she does NOT give HGs the usual cooldown boost most other RFs do.

Al-Qadissiya Tabuk

Al-Qadissiya Tabuk
Rifle ★★★★ Probably not

A Zastava AKM turned into a sniper rifle because Saddam is a genius… or… something.

+55% damage against regular enemies is 2* tier, close proximity brings it up to 70.5%, which is okay-ish and 4½* tier, but also means you have enemies closer than you probably want to have. Her stats are also only average for a 4*.

Might be useful if you literally don't have anything better and need to pad echelons, but might as well raise an M14 dupe instead.

Her skill also changes targeting, which can be useful sometimes… but we'll eventually be getting a much better rifle for that purpose with the Liu.


Rifle ★★★★★ As good as a specialist as she was awful pre-mod (So, actually pretty good!)

Thanks Mica, for actually buffing someone with cool art for once.

In her pre-mod state, she's dire, not really worth using, and honestly a waste of really REALLY nice art (including porn by her original artist). With her mod, she has ridiculously high stats and a powerful skill at Mod 2. The big issue is she needs setup, and can't really be used on her own, but that's pretty much every funny specialist rifle anyway, so it's not really a downside.

What makes her stupidly good is that you get more damage if you have more debuffs from other sources, so go nuts.

She'll come in handy for Dual Randomness.

Her previous form is found here.

Izhmash SV-98 Mod

Izhmash SV-98 Mod
Rifle ★★★★ Outdated Except for CE Padding

She could have been useful if we got her a lot earlier. Her skill is reliant on her standing still, so if you move her past the first two seconds, her second skill will effectively give the first one a three second cooldown if you manual it, unless it's enough to kill on its own without the buff. Her Mod 3 equip is just a cape with some extra damage on it, but she shouldn't be moving a lot anyway given her skill, so it's worth it if you do choose to mod her for whatever reason.

Also, she is the true cinnamon roll and if you don't mod her Yuzhong will fly in your kitchen and mess up your pots and pans.

Her original version can be found here.

Hanyang Type 88 Mod

Hanyang Type 88 Mod
Rifle ★★★★ Wtf how can a shit gun be this good. Seriously, go get her already.

Every bit as good as she used to be awful; this is quite a feat, since she used to be IMMENSELY awful. You can make a fairly convincing argument she's a better value mod than AR team these days. She's that good. She's a little hard to use, sure, but she has piercing on a rifle and all sorts of minor extras.

She does have the issue of "can't equip PEQs" and thus suffers as much as any other rifle at night, but a rifle capable of dealing with enemy clusters a la M4 is very nice to have in general. She gets very heavy use in rankings for a reason.

Ironically for a rifle with a night-oriented skill, she works best during the day, because yeah, that issue about not being able to use PEQs.

Her original page can be found here.

SSG 3000

SSG 3000
Rifle ★★★★ It's literally M200 but worse

There's not really much to say about SSG...She's literally a 4 star version of M200. What do you want from me?

The main use she has is for no-dupe players or using her in SC ranking where she has a map bonus.

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