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Name Class Rarity Useful? Notes


Rifle ★★★★★ Good RoF rifle. Demands more representation for other dolls.

Why does she have Shark teeth? Dammit Imoookoooo

Despite the teeth, she's somehow the nice HK girl. And somehow, she's the smart one. Look, HK is weird ok?

Anyway, she packs as much as 84% damage increase with her skill going at full power, but you're more likely to get a 76% boost in a typical RF/HG formation. Still, she's not bad. In practice she's slightly worse than R93 in most cases, but not usually enough to matter.

Note her buff tiles are funny and affect everything, so this makes her secondary ability a little easier to use. That said, she does NOT give HGs the usual cooldown boost most other RFs do.

Al-Qadissiya Tabuk

Al-Qadissiya Tabuk
Rifle ★★★★ Probably not

A Zastava AKM turned into a sniper rifle because Saddam is a genius… or… something.

+55% damage against regular enemies is 2* tier, close proximity brings it up to 70.5%, which is okay-ish and 4½* tier, but also means you have enemies closer than you probably want to have. Her stats are also only average for a 4*.

Might be useful if you literally don't have anything better and need to pad echelons, but might as well raise an M14 dupe instead.

Her skill also changes targeting, which can be useful sometimes… but we'll eventually be getting a much better rifle for that purpose with the Liu.


Rifle ★★★★★ As good as a specialist as she was awful pre-mod (So, actually pretty good!)

Thanks Mica, for actually buffing someone with cool art for once.

In her pre-mod state, she's dire, not really worth using, and honestly a waste of really REALLY nice art (including porn by her original artist). With her mod, she has ridiculously high stats and a powerful skill at Mod 2. The big issue is she needs setup, and can't really be used on her own, but that's pretty much every funny specialist rifle anyway, so it's not really a downside.

What makes her stupidly good is that you get more damage if you have more debuffs from other sources, so go nuts.

She'll come in handy for Dual Randomness.

Her previous form is found here.

Izhmash SV-98 Mod

Izhmash SV-98 Mod
Rifle ★★★★ Outdated Except for CE Padding

She could have been useful if we got her a lot earlier. Her skill is reliant on her standing still, so if you move her past the first two seconds, her second skill will effectively give the first one a three second cooldown if you manual it, unless it's enough to kill on its own without the buff. Her Mod 3 equip is just a cape with some extra damage on it, but she shouldn't be moving a lot anyway given her skill, so it's worth it if you do choose to mod her for whatever reason.

Also, she is the true cinnamon roll and if you don't mod her Yuzhong will fly in your kitchen and mess up your pots and pans.

Her original version can be found here.

Hanyang Type 88 Mod

Hanyang Type 88 Mod
Rifle ★★★★ Wtf how can a shit gun be this good. Seriously, go get her already.

Every bit as good as she used to be awful; this is quite a feat, since she used to be IMMENSELY awful. You can make a fairly convincing argument she's a better value mod than AR team these days. She's that good. She's a little hard to use, sure, but she has piercing on a rifle and all sorts of minor extras.

She does have the issue of "can't equip PEQs" and thus suffers as much as any other rifle at night, but a rifle capable of dealing with enemy clusters a la M4 is very nice to have in general. She gets very heavy use in rankings for a reason.

Ironically for a rifle with a night-oriented skill, she works best during the day, because yeah, that issue about not being able to use PEQs.

Her original page can be found here.

SSG 3000

SSG 3000
Rifle ★★★★ It's literally M200 but worse

There's not really much to say about SSG...She's literally a 4 star version of M200. What do you want from me?

The main use she has is for no-dupe players or using her in SC ranking where she has a map bonus.


Rifle Special What QBU-88 wishes she were

She has an SVD so she's... EXACTLY NOTHING LIKE SVD. She's closer to QBU-88, having an AoE effect, but she has self-buffs on top of that and, in some situations, can match and exceed such DPS staples as M14 Mod. Honestly if you're coming out of the event with only one of the girls (besides Henrietta who you get just for doing story), then it really should be Rico. Also remember that her tarot cards are used up BEFORE the active part goes off, so you don't get the passive benefit for the nukey bits.

Truvelo CMS (T-CMS)

Truvelo CMS (T-CMS)
Rifle ★★★ I Can't Believe It's Still Cores

Would you believe that, a login reward that's useless? Yep, here we go again. Had some memes on CN/KR because her original release was broken and crashed the game, but we don't even get that, we just get a rifle too bland to write about. M14 still exists.


Rifle ★★★★ Good eventually. Currently awful.

Mr. God Jackstar, the Unfathomable Abyss, the Dancing Stardust of Sagittarius, the Blazing Inferno of the Frozen Hell, Second Principal Leader of the Incomplete Brigade...but she sucks. When she gets a mod, she will deliver outstanding performance for specialist rifle roles.

Right now she sucks so hard she has an event horizon.

Her mod is found here

Mosin Nagant Mod

Mosin Nagant Mod
Rifle ★★★★★ Weirdly decent specialist

Let's get this out of the way now, I hate the Mosin and think of it as a garbage thing. Most of the people who love the thing are weirdos or idiots who have never tried comparing the Mosin to an actual well-built modern gun, which does almost anything it does but better. Hayha used it because he had nothing else to use, not because he wanted one. And now that I've told all the Zaytsev fanboys to get fucked, the Mod is actually surprisingly useful for some specific circumstances that require exactly some high shot firepower and also the occassional small bamboo removal service. This is rare (mostly weird event and ranking stuff, or some strats for some enemies you're not meant to fight), but she's there for when you need it. Aside from that, her main use is that at Mod 3, with all her special gear and oath bonuses, she is more powerful in terms of damage than NTW-20, and thus is good for cheesing data sim ranking.

Fabrique Nationale Model 1949 Mod

Fabrique Nationale Model 1949 Mod
Rifle ★★★★ ...Actually decent, just she requires you to spend memory fragments.

She's not bad. Actually, to be honest, she has better DPS than Lee-Enfield until Lee's special equipment is available, and is pretty reliable. However, she is releasing after other rifles have come out on EN like R93 and M14mod that supplanted her on other servers, so she might not be a priority for you depending on what you have.

Blaser R93 Tactical

Blaser R93 Tactical
Rifle ★★★★★ YZ DELIVERS

YZ personally promised she would be good, so she is. Really nice stats, including the highest accuracy stat of all rifles. The skill seems odd, being a two-parter but she does way more damage than it seems, and when her skill pops off, she pops off. The mix of rate of fire and firepower buffs is bigger than it seems (the stacks are multiplicative with each other), and she ends with a significant approximate DPS increase of 86% with all three stacks of her buff and her firepower buff active. Even when her skill is not active, she has very good uptime versus bosses and other high HP targets due to the passive effect. Because of her nature, she can slot in with almost any other rifle and benefit from whatever handgun buffers you want to use.

RH-Alan RT-20

RH-Alan RT-20
Rifle ★★★ Core

Like the real rifle, more dangerous to its own operator than the enemy.

ZVI Falcon

ZVI Falcon
Rifle ★★★ Basic data sim champ

kazuki wrote this because xecty is a lazy fuck, it'll probably get rewritten

One of the best login reward T-Dolls, yeah I know it's not saying much but you could use her and not hate life.

She has two passives and an active skill so what the fuck mica. Passive 1 gives her special bullets that her active skill uses as well as buffs her FP and ACC when you have them stored up.

Passive 2 turns her normal shots into something like MGs where she has a limited mag and needs to reload. However, her shots do 1.5x damage to offset this. No, it does not work with Jericho.

Her active skill is a skillshot that works similarly to M200 while her skill is up, meaning it's perfect accuracy and can crit, but she doesn't fire nearly enough to solve all the problems in the world. Which ultimately kills her use now that M200's available. RIP good login doll

Still great for basic data sim cause all you need is her to fire once!

Type-4 Self-Loading Rifle (4-Shiki)

Type-4 Self-Loading Rifle (4-Shiki)
Rifle ★★★★ Can shoot through enemies so kinda useful

Basically M1 Garand hit by a Japanizing beam courtesy of the IJN (which is why she has a sailor uniform). ...And then it changed her skill to something actually vaguely useful.

Every 3rd shot she fires is a line AoE that doesnt miss, but sadly cant crit. This is actually pretty cool at night vs evasive enemies, like Uhlan formations in a post CT-environment (Uhlan formations start having evade), though actually a bit of a DPS loss on nonevasive enemies.

Not exactly a normal use rifle, but the niche she has comes up fairly often so having 1 on hand is useful.

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