Glasses optional
United States Rifle, Caliber .30-06, Model 1903 Springfield

United States Rifle, Caliber .30-06, Model 1903 Springfield – ★★★★ Rifle

Usable with Special Equip
Tags: Class: Rifle Role: Bamboo Skill: Small Bamboo

Very popular with her artist who keeps drawing outfits, has the 2nd most outfits of any 4 star t-doll (now behind G36), and the beloved baker/cook/chef of the G&K household and does your chores for you. Hailed by CN players as the designated wife of the commander.

Kind of shit as a gun without her unique ammo from 1-4N at which point she's pretty good due to the +RoF (needs calibration)

Technically has a combo thingy with G36, but it falls under "I guess it exists?" Yeah, I dunno what they were thinking.

Additional Notes#

Dusk's Notes#

As you now get a free lvl70 Springfield, she is quite usable before you get any better RFs. It is kind of easy to get her to lvl90, and she only needs 27 cores. Furthermore, with how little relevance her skill is to her usability, you can completely skip out on upgrading her skill in the short term. Use her in the early game, but ditch her once you trained up a better RF. 

If you manage to get her exclusive ammo (from 1-4N), she stands solidly (less solidly and more marginally) 1 tier below RFs like M14 and G28. The exclusive equip, without enhancements, can get you 8 ROF at max calibration, and with max calibration and enhancements, will give you 10 ROF. 

However, due to a large variance between an uncalibrated unique (1 ROF and ~80 AP at minimum) and a fully calibrated one, you may need a lot of calibrations, and struggle to get enough calibration tickets to get it to max ROF. Furthermore, it requires significantly more resources to enhance (as enhancing a unique equipment costs 3 times the resources and fodder or general equipment parts).

Still pretty usable if you get past that, I suppose.

Do note that she tends to do better than most self-buffer RFs for the first few seconds, before their buffs are active. Although if the battles last only that long, the fight is probably so easy that it probably doesn't matter which RFs you end up using. Also note that her exclusive AP ammo has 127/195 AP at max instead of 120/180, which SOMETIMES gives her an extremely minor advantage to offset her weaknesses. 

Not terrible, not amazing, but at least she needs little investment.

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