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Name Class Rarity ↓ Useful? Notes

FN Herstal Mk48 Maximi

FN Herstal Mk48 Maximi
Machine Gun ★★★★ Good

Pretty much a 4 star LWMMG. Has Hunting Impulse, which is basically the 2nd best non-unique MG skill. Has slightly lower firepower than LWMMG, but has 1 more shot in the mag to make up for it.

United States Gun, Machine, Caliber .30, Browning, M1919A4

United States Gun, Machine, Caliber .30, Browning, M1919A4
Machine Gun ★★★ Good

She's basically LWMMG, except a 3 star and slightly more annoying to build up. She's like seriously, not even a performance benefit. Their stats are almost identical and they have the same number of shots so you... might as well just raise LWMMG, but LWMMG gets a mod later. But well, LWMMG is good so she kinda is too I guess. If youre a noduper she's another usable MG for you, since there's a shortage of those.

General Dynamics LWMMG

General Dynamics LWMMG
Machine Gun ★★ Good

Korea calls her "Ram-G" because pronouncing LWMMG as a word is hard, apparently. Performs like a 4star. MK48 has the same skill as her, in case you want an upgrade later down the line. Good stats marred by low max ammo count. Probably more useful than most of the 3 star MGs.

Rheinmetall Fallschirmjägergewehr 42

Rheinmetall Fallschirmjägergewehr 42
Machine Gun ★★ Enhancement fodder

Aka FG42; worse than LWMMG, so kinda useless unless you're a strict no-duper and really need one more MG… in which case she's still better than MG4 on her first mag.

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