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Handgun Special Trophy Raifu

Imagine how bad Noel was at her lowest point in her own series. ...Now imagine its worse.

Somehow arguably less useful than P7 who has similar tiles, and her skill is kind of awful. She's a perfect storm of not being particularly good at any 1 thing while also not being really acceptable at any of them. Also she jumps forward during her skill.

This can have unexpectedly bad effects on enemy positioning sometimes, including units... uh.. simply walking past her, to the map edge, which makes you lose. There are arguably some scenarios where she's useful, but those are... niche to the extreme and honestly if you're one of the people who CAN pull those off, you dont need me to explain anything to you.


Shotgun ★★★★ ...I dunno.

I struggle to find something nice to say because I legitimately forgot she existed. She has one of those experimental skills that might have some value, but isn't enough of a game-changer to really displace current normal tactics and strategies.

Heckler & Koch UMP40

Heckler & Koch UMP40
Submachine Gun ★★★★ Niche uses

Thot twin #3?!

And probably the one that's going to give me a fucking heart attack. Yes, her skill has big numbers. Biiiiig nuuuuuuumbers. Now get your dick off your phone screen and start using your brain:

  • If she does not use her active, she slowly gains evasion over time. Emphasis on slowly.
  • If she does use her active, her evasion slowly drops down to "nonexistent", making her a sitting duck if she's tanking.

In a proper tanking role, her buff tiles are literally useless: 500% crit buff x 5% SMG base crit rate = 30% crit rate if you aren't running a suppressor or a crit scope, and if you are using those, your SMGs will have shit-tier accuracy even if you stack reasonable amounts of buffs on them. At the same time you're losing out on AR buffs, which will extremely cripple your DPS. You're better off bringing C-MS or RO635 to buff your back line instead. Even Suomi can buff her evasion up faster than UMP40 could ever hope to.

If she does use her active skill, it'll similarly take incredibly long for her to really ramp up her damage skill – at 18+ seconds to get her damage above 2* ARs, she competes with Negev for the title of "slowest stacking skill in the game", and SR-3MP consistently out-DPSes her even without any buffs. With the UMPs' exclusive equip. Without, her damage output is even worse.

You can build some silly 5 SMG meme echelons around her that sometimes don't totally suck, but unless you know what you're doing, you should put her on cafe duty.

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