Glasses optional
Name Class Rarity Useful? Notes


Machine Gun Special Better than nothing, but if you have better MGs, use those

Suffers from not only being an MG, but an inconsistent one due to her passive. Her stats are alright, but her passive skill is unreliable, not that it matters much since it only activates on reload. The active suffers from the problem of activating slowly enough that you'd expect MGs to have already killed most of what you'd want to stun anyway.


Shotgun Special Overly slow with her shield, sadly, but the shield value is high

The beef-loving cowgirl from a very weird show. She has a shield, but it takes way too long to pop up before it's useful in most cases, as it only pops up with her reload cycle. On the other hand, it's a huge shield, but in many cases you're better off with other shield SGs. She's not the worst SG though I guess, so run her if you don't have anything better.


Assault Rifle Special Debuffer AR which is weird

On one hand, her passive debuffs the enemy quite nicely. On the other hand, her stats kinda suck, and her active is basically a glorified stun, and yes, anything immune to stun is immune to her, too.

Since EN lacks the chip, she actually has good DPS. Once EN gets the chip, her DPS is kinda meh.


Rifle Special Actually really good if you meet her skill's conditions

Yes, Pekola, as opposed to a certain dumb rabbit. The eternally-starving once-most-powerful angel. She actually won't attack at all until you meet her conditions of getting enough buffs. Thankfully, stuff like Python's FP buff stacks count as individual buffs. More hilariously, the fairy talent Fervor also counts as three buffs. This makes satisfying the conditions for her skill actually pretty easy.

What you get for doing so is a ridiculous RF that completely ignores enemy armor and shields. A major downside to this though is she wont deal as much damage as another RF if you don't need such capabilities, since she isn't affected by very many damage buffs due to how she works.

This should be obvious, but you should pick up her unique gear if you plan on using her.


Submachine Gun Special Off-tank with more focus on DPS

Kinda lewd. Her side DPS actually isn't awful, but her ability to tank sucks. Also it's called Jashin-chan Dropkick because she... dropkicks things.

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