Glasses optional
Name Class Rarity Useful? Notes


Submachine Gun ★★★★★ Anti-Elite SMG. Usable.

Off-tank DPS that hates Elite units and provides various benefits. Her damage increase isn't stellar, but she has enough rider effects that you can probably find some use for her. Like C-MS, she can equip AP rounds. YMMV with regard to how useful that is.

Steyr ACR

Steyr ACR
Assault Rifle ★★★★★ Overly finnicky to use

The Steyr ACR is the gun the Pallet Rifles in EVA are based off of, and this one is about as useful. On one hand, it seems like she'd be good for para fairy and its debuffs (you get +25% final damage with that), except it isn't enough to make up for the debuffs still. It's also not very easy to get debuffed. Evaluation may change based on future enemies, but really it's not worth it when you have so many good ARs to choose from.


Assault Rifle Special Debuffer AR which is weird

On one hand, her passive debuffs the enemy quite nicely. On the other hand, her stats kinda suck, and her active is basically a glorified stun, and yes, anything immune to stun is immune to her, too.

Since EN lacks the chip, she actually has good DPS. Once EN gets the chip, her DPS is kinda meh.

De Lisle

De Lisle
Rifle ★★★★★ Assistant Gunner type

Falls into the same niche as Strawberrycano where she sucks on her own, but is excellent for supporting others who are actually good. Often paired with the Cano sisters or M200 in 3RF-type setups. A Grape/M200/Nagant Revolver/DeLisle/tank-of-some-sort-type echelon was used in ranking map reruns to kill death stacks.


Handgun ★★★★★ John Browning's greatest creation. Good with the right synergies. Also KSVK mod's spotter.

After the Lord Browning made the 1911, he decided he could do better still. This is that better pistol. Suck it, fudds.

She has good performance at night, making enemies take more damage as long as they're debuffed (has good synergies with units that debuff) and she herself will inflict debuffs on enemies. She works nicely with KSVK mod, due to how KSVK mod's target priority works.

Even if you don't have her active going, her passive keeps at least some damage up at all times as long as you can keep debuffs up.

Thompson/Center Contender

Thompson/Center Contender
Handgun ★★★★★ Recommended

She has some of the highest damage and crit buffs in the game, with the best possible tiles ("All around her"), and her skill allows her to override the targeting logic of most other dolls¹, making them focus their fire some, very unlucky fucker (boss if present, otherwise furthest/highest HP/nearest enemy, depending on whether Contender is back/middle/front row). Oh and the skill doesn't wait until impact - the bonuses kicks in as soon as the shot leaves the muzzle. She also can equip AP ammo, which doesn't come up much, but there's a few fights later where this is immensely valuable and if you're using a HG vs armour at night, well... you know. Did I mention she has 40% base crit? She does.

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