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Name Class Rarity Useful? Notes

RO635 Mod

RO635 Mod
Submachine Gun ★★★★★★ Cant touch this Cue Music

The first 6 star SMG, and oh boy, she deserves it. As long as the damage isn't so overwhelming that it can kill her dummies outright, she has a chance to negate the damage. The chances increase if the enemy has more debuffs or has Marks of Vengeance on them, which immediately makes her a good pair with M4. Also the Sop doll is cute and comes with weird features. This is literally Sop's fault.


Assault Rifle Special Debuffer AR which is weird

On one hand, her passive debuffs the enemy quite nicely. On the other hand, her stats kinda suck, and her active is basically a glorified stun, and yes, anything immune to stun is immune to her, too.

Since EN lacks the chip, she actually has good DPS. Once EN gets the chip, her DPS is kinda meh.

El Fail

El Fail
Handgun Special It's ok

Like an anti-Clear. Instead of buffing allies, she debuffs enemies. She strums five times, each time applying a three-second rate of fire and accuracy debuff to three enemies, meaning a set of five strums can debuff up to 15 enemies. The debuff prioritizes enemies with the highest HP that have not yet gotten a debuff. Once all enemies have been debuffed, she starts over again, debuffing the highest HP enemy that hasn't been debuffed on the current cycle of the enemy list until all strums are used, and they can be stacked on any given enemy up to twice. The debuffs are alright, but Clear is usually better. Still, she can help your tank survive if for some reason you require more tankiness over more dakka. Due to the short duration of the debuff, she tends to work better on bosses.

Also take note that like Clear, if she's supposed to be playing when she has to move, SHE DOESN'T PLAY FOR THAT MOMENT. So, for best results, make sure she can sit still and play. Fortunately moving doesn't cancel the performance entirely, and just suspends it. This does make Jaguars and enemy mortars annoying as fuck though.

Also Dmesse's waifu, buy her skin. (This is not a message paid by Dmesse to spread smug Waterkuma doll greatness)

AK-74U (AKS-74U)

AK-74U (AKS-74U)
Submachine Gun ★★★★★ Niche Uses (Kinda good with AK-74M)

It's actually an AKS-74U, but the game calls her AK-74U. I know, I know. Yet another AR the game calls a subgun because...shut up.

Actually had dummy data in the client waaay before her actual release in CT, so she actually got released with a voice even on older servers. ...And that's probably the most positive thing I can say. Her tiles are OK, her skill is weird (she debuffs enemies she's attacking instead of just all of them) and while the effects are alright, the uptime is pretty awful for tanking.

Potentially useful for some bosses with manual skill use to handle certain burst windows, but the cooldown after the initial skill use is loooong so it's not exactly the best choice for long term tanking.

You may have a use for her if you're creative with it, but it's not something to just tell people to prioritize raising. As a result, her primary use is telling you wind speed and direction, unless you have AK-74M and want an AK echelon, in which case she'll be one of your SMG tanks and is actually pretty decent since AK-74M makes her skill into a passive.

Makarov Pistol

Makarov Pistol
Handgun ★★★ Good

Welrodski! ...By which I mean she's basically Welrod but 3 star, with lower numbers and an aura that wants her in the middle (or front works too). Usable if you lack Welrod and honestly not actually bad, but HG builds are cheap and she's pretty common so she might get annoying to get eventually. Also her -acc skill stacks with Welrod, and can be combined with a +evade skill for silliness.

Welrod MkII

Welrod MkII
Handgun ★★★★★ Recommended

MANNERS MAKETH MAN. Very good aura for DPS, and very widely used. As a bonus, she has a very good skill for tanking, and can actually be used as a tank for bamboo spear formations or helping other tanks. She has 40% base crit unlike other handguns (a trait shared with other single-shot pistols like Contender and Thunder .50.) so a suppressor is actually pretty beneficial on her, not that you have other much choice in the matter. But yes, you will be finding use for her. Note that her -acc skill does stack MULTIPLICATIVELY with Makarov.

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