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Name Class Rarity Useful? Notes


Handgun ★★★★ Unreliable Jank

Not even a solution in search of a problem, she's a bunch of solutions to a bunch of problems implemented extremely badly. A victim of Mica's experimental phase, as one of those dolls that don't fucking work. Instead of an infinite duration toggle, she has actual skill durations and alternating effects, making it increasingly unlikely you'll get the effect you want in the time you want, since you need to wait for cool downs to use them.

To top it off, her %s aren't even very good and are even more garbo during the day. There are better options if you need 1 or the other, like Mk23 or TEC9.

RO635 Mod

RO635 Mod
Submachine Gun ★★★★★★ Cant touch this Cue Music

The first 6 star SMG, and oh boy, she deserves it. As long as the damage isn't so overwhelming that it can kill her dummies outright, she has a chance to negate the damage. The chances increase if the enemy has more debuffs or has Marks of Vengeance on them, which immediately makes her a good pair with M4. Also the Sop doll is cute and comes with weird features. This is literally Sop's fault.

Gr VP70

Gr VP70
Handgun ★★★ I forgot she was a thing

Suffers from "another doll does the same thing she does but better" syndrome hard, because that better doll is the 2-star Nagant revolver (which you have no excuse for not being able to get) who gets a mod to provide offense AND defense, while VP70's just defense with a +hit formation buff. Glock 17, MP443 and TEC-9 are also things. Basically, she's unremarkable and other things exist. Also IOP needs to stop experimenting with T-doll spines.

Colt RO635

Colt RO635
Submachine Gun ★★★★★ Recommended

A high class SMG that you get for free (and even better, starts at lvl90 with 5 links when you get her now) providing well balanced stats, and a very powerful tanking skill. -Enemy ATK power (nevermind her own +evade!) that goes off in the first 3 seconds, makes tanking the initial contact much easier, and is usable even from an off-tank position.

Can easily be a main or off-tank, combos well with UMP45 defensively (though she doesn't offer much for DPS), and passable tile buffs (that doesn't clash with anyone's, but they're not amazing either). Her main weakness is she has very bad uptime (5/12) compared to some other SMGs, but the quick startup and utility (and the fact most fights are short anyway) make up for it.

Did I mention you get her at lvl90 and 5x linked? That's REALLY helpful if you're starting out.

M1895 Nagant Revolver

M1895 Nagant Revolver
Handgun ★★ Good

Very good buffs, not good in her own stats though. Skill is blah-ish but serviceable at night. When she gets to MOD3, however. Becomes COMMISSAR NAGANT. May or may not land you in jail (or gulag as the case may be). She does say it herself afterall, about your odd taste...

Her mod form is here

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