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General Dynamics LWMMG Mod

General Dynamics LWMMG Mod
Machine Gun ★★★★ She's a better LWMMG, but now with more utility.

She actually gets some fairly hefty stat increases in her mod, with Mod 2 hitting as much FP as M2HB. The issues that 2 stars normally face (low skill values compared to higher ones, etc.) are pretty solved thanks to being upgraded to a 4 star, and it also gives her extra base ammo which helps out a lot. Overall a cheap mod to get, and honestly you get a fair bit of value off even just Mod 1.

She's pretty much an all-rounder MG, and with the Mod 2 skill, technically you're not limited to just SGs, but uh... the shield values are so low otherwise that it only really helps armored things, though I guess some people might find a use for that anyway. MATH BIT: Her Special Equip actually isn't awful, but tbh you're better off with an EOTech in most cases.

Her original form can be found here.

Rheinmetall Fallschirmjägergewehr 42

Rheinmetall Fallschirmjägergewehr 42
Machine Gun ★★ Enhancement fodder

Aka FG42; worse than LWMMG, so kinda useless. And worst of all, since MG4 caught buffs (and a mod) she now falls behind MG4 on first mag.

FN Herstal Mk48 Maximi

FN Herstal Mk48 Maximi
Machine Gun ★★★★ Usable

Pretty much a 4 star LWMMG. Has Hunting Impulse, which is basically the 2nd best non-unique MG skill. (But there's absolutely insane unique MG skills, so that's not saying much anymore) Has slightly lower firepower than LWMMG, but has 1 more shot in the mag to make up for it.

United States Gun, Machine, Caliber .30, Browning, M1919A4

United States Gun, Machine, Caliber .30, Browning, M1919A4
Machine Gun ★★★ If desperate, mod is interesting

She's basically LWMMG, except a 3 star and slightly more annoying to build up. She's like seriously, not even a performance benefit. Their stats are almost identical and they have the same number of shots so you... might as well just raise LWMMG.

Once you start considering mods, it does become a bit more interesting. Her mod gives her a good advantage towards the current (as of late 2023) meta set of enemies. So she can be worth raising for her mod.

General Dynamics LWMMG

General Dynamics LWMMG
Machine Gun ★★ Usable

Korea calls her "Ram-G" because pronouncing LWMMG as a word is hard, apparently. Performs like a 4star. MK48 has the same skill as her, in case you want an upgrade later down the line. Good stats marred by low max ammo count. Probably more useful than most of the 3 star MGs.

She has a mod now, which you can see here

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