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Name Class Rarity Useful? Notes

M1897 Trenchsweeper Mod

M1897 Trenchsweeper  Mod
Shotgun ★★★★ Became a maid, still sucks at her job

Expensive AND still doesn't do anything useful? Say it ain't so.

Shame, since I like the shotgun, but she sucks harder than the vacuum cleaner she should be using instead of her broom.

Note from Kyazuki: Xecty doesn't like DPS shotguns, but she's alright if you want her for that. Probably not worth the cost for most.


Shotgun ★★★★★ Competes with SAT8 for the best shotgun to use your True Core Mask on

OBEY. Made from a less-lethal shotgun meant to give police forces more options to put down people without killing them. In G&K's case, however, she certainly helps with takedowns.

Incredibly good stats for a shotgun, good formation buffs, and her skill has the unique ability to cancel enemy buffs. These buffs include ENEMY SHIELDS (including Patroller shields) and stat buffs (including bullshit enemy evasion buffs). Her mechanics are unique, so she actually ignores normal knockback immunity. Oh, and her armor buff stacks are multiplicative. Unfortunately, the Minotaur's damage reduction is a weird thing that can't be removed, but regardless, you get so much utility from her. Even if you don't need her skill, her stats are just that good.

If you don't have her, get her from a True Core Mask or something. She's just too useful in things like later Theater events.


Shotgun ★★★ It's a free shotgun I guess?

....Serviceable if you have a complete lack of shotguns. Seriously, just pick up a SAT8 next time an event rolls around.

Winchester M1897 Trench Model

Winchester M1897 Trench Model
Shotgun ★★★ Serviceable, but nowhere as good as her Rep says she is

I want to say good things about this doll. I really do. It's an iconic shotgun with a hella rep and even got accused of being a warcrime. The rep is exaggerated, but not entirely undeserved.

Her design is... blah. Trench Broom apparently = shitty maid.

But are her stats ok? ...Eh, they're alright. Like the real thing they're serviceable. The tiles are passable (not great, but its 50% acc on a shotgun which helps some MGs) and she has passable HP. Her armour is a little low due to her 3 star nature, at 21.

Not the worst thing ever, but far far from your first choice. Mae would probably not take her into battle.

Winchester Model 1887 Shotgun

Winchester Model 1887 Shotgun
Shotgun ★★★★★ Usable

Aka M1887. She's a shotgun, so she will do shotgun things shotgun-y (read: facetank with her armour), but is not particularly impressive at it. Her stats are okay (but worse than most other 5* shotguns), her tile buffs are the weakest of all 5* shotties (and most 4*!)… and her skill is downright useless, because it has a ridiculously long 15 second cooldown and if you can use it appropriately, well shotguns aren't what you want to use for that fight.

As far as free SGs are concerned, a minor upgrade over 97S if you don't consider 97s's mod.

Neostead NS2000

Neostead NS2000
Shotgun ★★★ Usable

Usable I guess? Really, one of the lower end shotguns, but she can still tank. Just not a first choice when you now have actual choice in shotgun variety. Doesn't do anything badly, but doesn't really excel either. Does have decent offtank tiles though, if you want to run 2SG.


Shotgun ★★★ Usable has good mod.

A really shitty aura, average armor for a shotty. Prolly the worst shotgun currently available on EN except shotguns are wanted for their tanking ability or else you'd have picked literally anything else. With the release of SAT8 & company, she's even less useful, but hey, if you don't have anything else, she'll still do

Her mod, which makes her not dogshit, can be found in this article

Ithaca M37 Featherlight

Ithaca M37 Featherlight
Shotgun ★★★★ Usable

Called "The Northern Hemispheres" for fairly obvious reasons. Somehow, someone decided "Featherlight" clearly means "biggest tits on a t-doll possible." Her skill lets her do a bit of damage except you dont care about that sort of thing on a shotgun and its not like the skill has time to trigger on a typical fight (most SGs dont get to use their skills anyway). Still, well... she's a shotgun with 22 base armour. This puts her ahead of the lower end shotties like supershorty.

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